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Not liking meat

I've been having some issues with DD eating. She will always eat yogurt, green beans, pancakes, fruit, and basically anything sweet. She is 50/50 about about eating baby food. She Absolutely will not eat any meats. I've tried some beans and she will only eat about 3 before refusing. Any other protein suggestions besides meat, beans and dairy???

Re: Not liking meat

  • How are you giving her the meat? Is it puréed or is it pieces of meat?

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  • Tried both ways
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  • Eggs & tofu were suggested before. Do you mix the meat with other things she likes?
  • DS will only eat dark meat chicken on its own , but he will eat meat if it's in other things like a casserole, stew or grilled cheese. He also really likes flavor and won't eat ground beef, chicken or turkey unless it's seasoned with garlic and onion. It also took a few tries before he seemed to enjoy it.
  • DS was like this for a while.  We joked that he was a vegetarian.   He would take turkey out of a sandwich and eat the bread and cheese.   He grew out of it, it was a phase.  I think its a texture thing a lot of the time.

    What about cottage cheese?  Salmon?  Greek yogurt has more protein as do peas.
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  • We do tofu stir fries with veggies and some salt/pepper spices and she loves it. Although mine's definitely a meat eater but have you tried tofu?

    Have you tried burgers, meatloaf, pasta bolognese? Things with ground meat that's not straight up meat like chicken or turkey or things like that. 
  • If she likes sweet have you tried chicken and apples or sweet potatoes. DS really likes those
  • Emily is the opposite. She loves all meats. With anything we give her, she picks all the meat out first before trying anything else. The only one that gave her hesitation was salmon, but she still ate it.


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  • Thanks everyone ! I think I will try tofu and salmon. I was trying to wait till after her first bday for boy of those. I haven't actually cooked meats in BBQ sauce but I always use spices like garlic and onion then I dipped the meat in ketchup or BBQ sauce. She still hated it. Thanks for the suggestions
  • Mine loves peanut butter and eggs with garlic. Lots of garlic. He's not a big fan meat either, although yesterday I managed to get him to eat some pork with an ungodly amount of seasoning.
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