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Baby gates

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We haven't baby proofed at all yet. Our first floor is very open so we decided to buy a large play yard gate. Now that DD is pushing things around walking, I think we need to let her be more free. Does anyone have any gates that they love or hate for any reason? I know there are a lot of different ones, just not sure how much of a difference it makes.

Also, we have two cats that aren't the most athletic. We have a basement door that we will either need to close or gate off. Is there a product out there that cats can squeeze through but babies can't fit? I know that's probably a strange question, but my cats litter box is down there so they need to be able to go down there.
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Re: Baby gates

  • We have not baby proofed either. We live in a cozy one-story house. The door to the basement in the kitchen. LO doesn't go down to the basement often to play. We will need to baby proof the IL's  house.

    @jojo1112‌ we have same gate we use to separate the living room with the kitchen. The dog hasn't broke through the gate yet. The last gate the dog broke through and met DH at the door when he came home. LO loves to play with the gate. He thinks it is his personal jungle gym.
  • Thanks everyone! I didn't know there was a gate like that. I will definitely be trying that out.
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  • We installed a cat door in our basement door.  So the actual door stays closed all the time and the cats just go though the cat door.  Technically LO could go through the cat door if he turns his body just right!  He likes to drop things through the cat door and try and see if he can reach them.  One time DH said he turned his shoulder and almost went though the door.
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  • *Creepy lurker* We had a similar problem. We have two gates one at the top of our stairs that we bought from ikea. We sawed off the first post so that it's wide enough for the cat but not so wide that O can squeeze through.

    When we installed our second gate downstairs (blocks off the front door, litter box and stairs), we just installed it a little higher so the cat can squish under. I'll add pictures. It's working for us at the moment. O has the run of the downstairs area which include the living room and kitchen. Both gates are wall mounted.
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