bug bite looking bumps. PIP — The Bump
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bug bite looking bumps. PIP

My daughter keeps getting these bumps. They only last a couple days and go away. They don't bother her at all but they keep appearing. Usually on her wrist, ankle and back. Now she has one on her face. I've thoroughly cleaned her room and washed her bedding. No change in detergent. It's been going on for months. They're single bumps for the most part. Hard and raised.
Anyone know what they are?? TIA


BEAN *06/29/2012*

Re: bug bite looking bumps. PIP

  • It might sound too simple, but I think they might be bug bites (or spider bites).  My son gets them every now and again also and they look similar.  He also says they don't itch or hurt.
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  • deuxdeux
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    Where do you live? Might be bed bugs...
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  • Mosquito bites? My DD doesn't seem to bother them so I guess maybe they don't itch.
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  • My daughter had the same and I asked dr about them at her 10 month well baby and she said spider. (I'm on this board because I have a 21 month old as well. Haha)
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