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I know we have a bit of time to figure this out but I just wanted to see what age everyone is planning on starting kindergarten.  My area says they can start if they are 5 by sept 1 but I was thinking of waiting till he turned 6.  Is this too old?  Just trying to figure out pre-k stuff since some of our pre-ks have long waiting lists. 
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  • Mine is 5 by Sept 1 too and my guys bday is August 26.  He will go on schedule, starting when he's 4.  My husband has a Sept 18 bday and started Kinder when he was 4.  I think you have to do what is best for your child based on their individual needs.  What works for one won't work for another.  But I am confident my kiddo will be ready.  
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  • Not an issue for DD2, as the cutoff here is Sept 30.
    DD1 is turning five on Sept 29 birthday, so that was something we thought about. But she's ready - and has been for month - it would be doing her a disservice  to hold her back.
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  • B will start K in fall 2016. She makes the Sept 1 cut off by over a month. She is in prek now and her teacher agrees that she will be ready.
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  • We are planning on starting both our August babies (2011 and 2013) boys late. Where we live its very common to hold back boys, so theres that. But DS1 is in speech therapy and has food allergies. I think having a little extra time to deal with that stuff will be beneficial to him (and me!)
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    we will probably be starting late as well. her b'day is 8/24. mine was 8/25 and i started early (was 4 when kinder began). i was always the youngest in my class, and i wasn't the most mature kid either. i wish my parents had started me later; it would have been beneficial to me maturity-wise. they sent me early bc i had begged and begged to go. later on in high-school, all my friends were driving to school and i wasn't old enough get my license yet. i feel like my daughter is much like me (in respect to her maturity level at her age) and so i think waiting will be right for us. i know every kid is different though. my first (a boy, 7/2010) ended up going early bc he was transitioned from a preK program - his case is different though; he has an IEP for special needs (and although socially/emotionally he is less mature, academically, he is well above kindergarten). it was always my plan to start him later too, but our plans changed with the IEP and his needs.

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    Lilu was born on 8/26 and is super tiny, but we're sending her to Kindergarten next year since she makes the 9/1 cutoff. She's in Pre-k right now and doing well.
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  • Ours is currently in full-day, full-week pre-k.  It was a rough start with separation anxiety, but she's settled in well.  We will continue her on at 5 for Kindergarten next year.  Our districts here have a cutoff of Sept.1.  In NY where we used to live, it was a Dec. 1 cutoff for school; which does make some kids much younger emotionally to be starting school.
  • My little guy will be starting this year :) 
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