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Postpartum Depression

Need to get away...

I am 9 weeks pp with my second, and while I am taking Lexapro for the depression and anxiety that reared its ugly head again back in November while I was pregnant, I miss a day and I spiral into tonight, wishing I could check myself into the hospital for mental instability or something just so I don't have to deal with everything that's going on at home.  I feel so broken.  I love my boys, but when my baby is screaming incessantly because he got shots today and my 2 year old is panicking for no obvious reason, I just want to run away and hide for a couple days.

Re: Need to get away...

  • flclflcl member
    :(  I'm sorry you're dealing with all of these feelings with so much on your plate.  Besides the meds, what else are you doing to help manage your depression and anxiety?  IME missing one day of meds wouldn't necessarily cause such a downward spiral (missing several days is another story).   Have you shared how you're feeling with your SO?  It may help to talk to your doctor about the meds and how you're still feeling.  It also sounds like maybe it would benefit you to talk to a counselor or therapist...  I remember feeling how you're feeling, wanting to be hospitalized just so I could get away.  That was always a signal that something more had to be done to help me cope with whatever I was dealing with.  GL.
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