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Starting a playgroup and need a name

I am starting a playgroup and can't think of any creative, fun names. I was going to call it Playgroup Pals, but there's a billion of those. I was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies could help me out. Suggestions please.

Re: Starting a playgroup and need a name

  • On meetup.com or just with your friends?

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  • I've seen Tiny Tots, Fun With Four-yr-olds, Play Pals.....

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  • @MiaMyPuggle‌ With some girls that I know from high school, old co workers and a local photographer that I've sold baby stuff to. Idk if I'm comfortable using meetup.com yet. I'm getting tired of doing stuff by myself and DD is getting to an age where she needs playtime with other kids. She doesn't understand why DS can't exactly play yet.
  • peanutmusepeanutmuse member
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    Out of curiosity, why does it need a name?

    ETA: I'm not knocking it, I'm genuinely curious so I can understand and help come up with ideas.
  • @peanutmuse When I create a group on facebook it asks for a name otherwise it wouldn't need one. I would just like to keep it seperate from my facebook page.
  • When I was a kid the play group I attended was called Tea & Tots.  I always liked the name.

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    Moms and tots
    Kids and kind
    Talk soup playgroup
    Babies and babble
    Talk, stay and play
    Sunshine and playtime
    Chatter and scatter

    Some of these make more sense than others but I love rhyming
  • Gotcha. Facebook Group.


    Any more info you can give -- Location? Hobbies? Places you might meet? Similar interests?

  • r0zzr0zz member
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  • @peanutmuse‌ Location: Phoenix area
    Places we might meet: park, splash pad, library, zoo, petting zoo

    Thank you ladies for ideas so far.
  • Zoo Crew
    Phoenix Fun Crew
    (I guess I like the word crew)
    CrAZy Kids
    Rally in the Sun
    [Deleted User]
  • I have a playgroup here in the UK comprised mainly of American and Canadian expats. Our FB group name is simply Mom & Tots. (We are a private group on FB, I would suggest making your group private).



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  • I'm with @peanutmuse Play groups need a name? Lol.  How about Wine and Whine?  ;)

    I'm no help with a name.  Splah pad sounds good though.  You guys probably need some cooling off. Hope the monsoons are helping. :-)

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  • @jcwinsto‌ I think the monsoons are helping everybody in AZ except for us lol. We mostly seem to be getting the lightning and the rain passes right by our city.

    @ccip82 I have the settings at anybody can see the group and members, but only members can see posts. Should I change it to only members can see group and members. I also have it so only o can approve new members.
  • @SandFHasse I hear you.  We got 2.5 inches the other day but that is pretty much all we've had so far.  It sucks.  At least we are cooler than you guys. 
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  • It's up to you, but personally I would switch it to a private group- or pose this question to your group members and see how they feel. 

    On another note, I love my playgroup. We have so much fun together and it is great way to meet people. We also have a Mom's Night Out dinner once a month. I look forward to that evening every month :) 



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