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Need Suggestion for Kids activities

Hi, i have kid of 2+yrs. I want to suggest some activities to the kids. can some please suggest?

Re: Need Suggestion for Kids activities

  • Yeah, this is a little vague.  My son's creeping up on 3 and loves going to parks/playgrounds/splashpads/pools/museums.  He likes skateboarding, biking, and would love a scooter if he had one.  He likes to throw balls, kick balls, hit balls.  He like blocks, trains, cars, puzzles, and books.  He loves to paint and color and sticker. He likes to fly remote control planes.  He loves playing with friends and playing with playdough.  He loves climbing into boxes and pretending their cars, and sitting in our cars and pretending to drive. 
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  • If you are looking for more organized activities, DS (2 years old) loves gymnastics.  He gets to run around and burn some energy; and surprisingly, he has actually learned something.  We are also doing outdoor soccer - he seems to have a blast with that too.  We do that through Sportball, which I believe is offered in lots of cities.
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  • Indoor:  Coloring, water painting, finger painting.  Pipe cleaners are great for making necklaces or bracelets or just putting them in collandar holes.  putting beads on a string.  Anything with water-tea parties, boat races in the tub.  Sink full of bubbles.  Puzzles.  Stickers-just anything stickers!  Read books.  Play with legos.

    Home Outdoor:  going for walks, playing catch in the yard, kicking a ball around the yard.  Water table, sandbox, picking flowers, hunting rocks or frogs, sprinkler, baby pool. drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, riding bike, wagon rides.

    Going Out Activities:  Zoo, Aquarium, water park/splash pad, beach, mini putt-putt, bumper bowling, jumpzones (trampolines), arcades (Chuck E Cheese). any kind of hands on museums, library.  Parks/playgrounds


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