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Teething or ear infection

Anyone good at deciding if your child is simply teething or has an ear infection?

Our DD has had 3 ear infections and they said if we have 1 more we may need to look at a referral. This weekend she won't eat, had a fever in 100s for a day, was super fussy to the point nothing you do helps her and kept waking up crying (normally sleeps thru night)

We took her in thinking it was her ears but doc said they were clear and not irritated. 4 days later still not eating much and super fussy. Trying to figure out if we should take her back in. Just hate to see her so upset but don't want to hear same thing of not ears.

She does have a bunch of teeth coming in all at once 2 molars second sides are pushing thru , 2 eye teeth and inflamed gums on bottom so maybe 2 bottom eye teeth. Tylenol didn't seem to do much for fussiness. Was your kid super fussy to point of being inconsable w teeth?

Re: Teething or ear infection

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    Helen was like that last week. No fever but cranky and terrrrible sleep. Finally last night she slept normally. Pretty sure it's teeth because she had a check up last week and her ears were clear. Hope she feels better soon!
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    I can never tell except that when he was teething, advil always helped... and he didn't really get a fever.  
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    Warner yanks on his ears when he is teething... but has never had an ear infection. I'd say if the temperature is persistently more than 100.4 I'd take her back
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