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Ok so I guess I'm on a roll tonight with the posts :-) For those that have LOs still waking in MOTN, do you give the same amount of ounces you feed during the day?? I'm pretty sure DS would chug a 10 oz bottle MOTN, but I obviously want him consuming the majority of calories during the day. He's 99% weight so not hurting there. Lately he sleeps from 7-3, wakes to feed and sleeps until about 6:30. Thing is, he's never very hungry first feed in the AM even though I wait a little now before feeding. Of course I want him to take full feeds each time rather than 'snacking' through the day. Maybe I should scale back the MOTN bottle?? Thoughts??

Re: MOTN bottles

  • Thanks, the problem I seem to be having is night waking and NEEDING a bottle to go back to bed. He eats plenty during the day and has a large bedtime bottle. But yet, just 5-6 hours after bedtime he wakes for another bottle. My mommy instinct tells me it's soothing for him but he's not really hungry. I can just tell how he reacts..he's not eagerly drinking the bottle like he does during the day when hungry. He has gained significant weight and Ped told me he should be able to to all night without feeds. Of course I'm still responding to him though. But I'm afraid it's more a habit than anything else. He's in the dreaded 4 month regression and not wanting to nap much either! I tthink his poor day sleep is leading to more frequent night waking :-(
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