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What to take for yeast infection?

I haven't been on this site since being pregnant 5 years ago, but I need advice. I am 35, 13 weeks pregnant (following a MC). I have had a yeast infection for several days that yogurt isn't helping. Monistat was insanely harsh so I discontinued after using a tiny bit. Saw a diff doc in the office today, that I did not like, and he gave me diflucan even after expressing that I wasn't comfortable with it. Do I take it, or what else can I do? Thanks.

Re: What to take for yeast infection?

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    with my last pregnancy i had a similar problem, and took diflucan. it cleared everything up overnight - literally. my son was born with no problems, i'd do it again in a heartbeat. an ongoing yeast infection can also be dangerous. if you're uncomfortable, perhaps ask your doctor what might happen if you took a half dose?
  • I had a problem with recurring yeast infections. I started taking probiotics and stopped wearing underwear and I rarely, if ever get them now. Weird about the underwear, I know, but it helped.

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