Being set up with High Risk

So I had my 8 week appt today for #2 and all looks good so far! Measuring a few days ahead which is fine by me. Due to Issues last time (Namely IUGR and hypertension, found out after DS was born I have Leiden (sp) factor 5, my OB has decided to start me now on blood thinner hots and at 12 weeks I will go visit my dear old high risk doctor who followed me with DS (and made ultimate decision to deliver him at 34w). I am nervous...but ready to take on anything.

Any advice for those considered high risk from the get go with consecutive pregnancies after delivering a preemie? Thanks all!
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Re: Being set up with High Risk

  • I have Prothrombin and MTHFR. I was on thinners from week 9 for DD2. DD1 came at 30w 5d (didn't know I had clotting issues then).Was with a high risk OB from Day 1. Ended up delivering at 35w 2d due to PPROM. Glad I was at high risk OB. Was monitored more often and from Week 28 and found loads of stuff (high BP, some umbilical artery resistance). I truly feel the care of my high risk OB was the reason I managed to keep DD2 in so much longer. He reacted quickly to the issues and it helped a lot. The PPROM was a complete surprise. Good luck. Ice before you inject.
  • I don't have any advice, but I'm in the same position as you. I'm 13 weeks pregnant with #2 after delivering my now 21 month son at 29 weeks due to HELLP. I'm currently seeing a regular OB and next week I'll also meet with a high risk doc. The plan is that both teams will work closely with eachother and me during the whole pregnancy. I didn't have a high risk doc the first time around, so I'm so thankful to have an extra team keeping track of everything! I'm starting appointments every 2 weeks now (rotating between the 2 docs). I'm really hoping that helps calm my  nerves with this pregnancy
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  • Thanks ladies. I know I am not alone In dealing with this but after taking my first hot last night some old anxieties are starting to flood in. I was cared for by my ob and high risk from 20 weeks on with DS. I know I have a good team and am ready I take on anything this time.
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