How long does ICPC take?

I know each state is different but how long has ICPC taken in your experience?  Baby will be born 45 min from where we live but across state lines so we won't be able to come home right away.  My parents have a vacation home in the state we need to stay but it is 2.5 hours away.  If it will only be a couple days we think a hotel might be easier so we can stay close to home but if it will be a week or more it will be cheaper to stay at my parents vacation home.  MN and SD are the states we're dealing with. 

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Re: How long does ICPC take?

  • I was told by our agency to play on 10 days, sometimes it can be a little shorter or a little longer. Recently a friend adopted from Florida and she was there 19 days
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  • I would find out averages from your state. ICPC in NJ is pretty short I believe, but it's up to 2 weeks in VA.
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    We waited 19 days. The Florida end took about 2 weeks. Granted, 4th of July was in the middle of all of it,but it was still long. Once the paperwork reached NJ, it was pretty quick. NJ took about 3 business days. We were not prepared to be there for that long. We thought about 2 weeks or less. We thankfully stayed at a family friend's house that they don't use in the summer. I think I would have lost my mind in a hotel!

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