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Teething nightmare

Any STM moms or FTMs who's babies had very acidic stools while teething. I took DS into DR. And he said the reason DS is pooping more like every hour sometimes and causing his butt to burn is from his acidic stool from teething. His bottom 2 teeth poked through 3 days ago and he's still having those nasty stools. Please give me some good news that the nasty poos should subside soon. Any experiences.

Re: Teething nightmare

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    DS doesn't have teeth yet but we went though this when DD was teething and it was awful. We used a probiotic drop when she had bouts with this and it worked wonders.

    If I'm remembering correctly it was probably 5-7 days before she was totally back to "normal" in the diaper department but only about a day before the drops worked their magic and she was in less pain. Lots of diaper cream in the meantime.

    Hope your little guy gets some relief soon! GL

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  • Luke's two bottom teeth popped through Thursday. As of today, stools are back to mostly normal. I should note though, that we are on soy formula and that causes a firmer poo typically.
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  • DS's teeth came in at the beginning of July before he hit 5mo. He had looser than normal stools and some were different colors than normal, (he was exclusively BF then and not on cereals/solids yet, so his BMs were already pretty loose) but not acidic like you're describing. We just made a point of changing his diaper frequently, using a cloth if his bottom seemed sore and we used lots of Desatin (if he had a rash, which he really didn't get, thank goodness) or Aquaphor to create a good barrier. His BMs evened out and returned to normal within a few days.

    Good luck! Hope his poor bottom feels better soon.
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  • Yes. DD's butt and vag had open sores for days. I had to get Vusion diaper rash cream (prescription) and you put triple paste on top of that to keep it on there. Had to do that for two weeks. It was terrible. She was in horrible pain and I felt terrible for her. She would scream bloody murder when I would change her diaper. I had sensitive wipes. They say use a wet towel. I also used the peri bottle they give you after birth to clean her in the bathtub. Hang it there...it doesn't last. You may need the prescription to get rid of the rash. Stop acidic foods and foods that help aid constipation like apples, pears, etc. I just did cereal for a few days and no veggies/fruits bc I didn't want to have any irritants bothering her bc I didn't know if there was another culprit. Sorry LO is going thru it.

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