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Pain in the bottom...

Hi all -
So sorry about the potty talk, but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. I had a bowel movement last night and after I had rectal pain where I was unable to sit. My DH laid me on the couch with pillows and feet up. Slept and it seems fine today...although have not had a bowel movement today. Anyone else experience this before?
Replies would be appreciated. Thank you

Re: Pain in the bottom...

  • Glad to hear you're doing better.  

    I haven't had that problem, but I've had the usual pregnancy related digestive problems of gas & constipation.  I have also had a couple of bouts of diarrhea, brought on by 'overeating', I think.  When I eat in quantities that I used to pre-pregnancy, I end up overeating because my digestion is so much slower.

    Do you think it was constipation? Or something else?
  • Hi NeonNoon
    Thank you for your reply. I think it was constipation. Hopefully will not be severe like that again. Just makes you nervous with precious cargo on board. First timer rookie here so every little thing is cause for concern. Thanks again for your reply <3:)
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  • Holy hemorhhoids, Batman! Since coupled with constipation, thatd be my bet. Sorry you are going through it, ask your OB if you can do anything before it gets worse.
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  • I had constipation once...otherwise mine has been the complete opposite. Pretty much with all my pregnancies. Yuck.
    Anyhow...hope you are over that hill.
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  • Thank you Bigboneded and mandyreads. I appreciate the replies and especially the support. :)
  • (loss warning) ... I was having similar problems during my last, short-lived pregnancy that ended in a loss, I was either constipated or had diarrhea and was always bloated w/ a full/heavy feeling in my stomach and felt like I was in the bathroom a lot, but with this pregnancy I've been taking probiotics and it seems to help a lot! They have all different kinds, some that are specifically for colon health or vaginal health (if you have frequent UTIs or yeast infections). I rotate between those 2 and a regular probiotic from the vitamin shoppe and it's been much better this time around!

    Not sure if it'll help, but figure I'd mention it. :)

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  • Thank you mdogan29. I will look into that. Trying Metamucil and seems to be working...hopefully will not have a repeat incident. Thank you again for your reply.
  • Hemoroids are bad. That is what I thought. If I have bad constipation with hemoroids I wipe with a damp toilet paper or wipes. This will help it get less irritated. Good luck and hope you feel better.


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  • Thank you path75 xox
  • I lived on prunes and prune juice for 3 months, it eased for me in 2nd Tri.

    Press on!! (no pun intended...)

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