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Name change

I ended up having to change my name on here for some reason.
It used to be bellamatson

Re: Name change

  • For some reason? You didn't request it?
    [Deleted User]
  • It kinda looks like you forgot your log-in info...or you made an excuse to create a new account.  Because its showing up as a brand new account....
    Ah yes, you are correct.

    FWIW, I made up a new account when I switched over from TK to TB. No big deal. It is what it is. I just think the passive language is a bit strange, but whatevs.
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  • No reply. Surprise.
    Baby Chugging born 12.28.13
    induction due to HELLP

    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • Is it weird that I'm annoyed when peoples SNs are so long that they go all the way into the thread box?! @marbeedoodledoo‌ thank god you didn't add any numbers or you'd be one of these people.... ;)


    Missing Our July Sparkler
    BFP#1-11/12/12, MMC 1/16/13-baby stopped growing @ 9wks, found out at 13wks, D&E 1/25/13
    BFP#2-4/23/13 EDD-01/02/14 baby BOY born 12/31/13 Michael Cameron <3

    [Deleted User]
  • @cpm1223, it annoys me too.
  • I recognize you too!
    BFP #1 (7/13/12) MC (8/14) 9 weeks. D & C 8/17.
    BFP #2 (5/18/13) due 1/26/14. Grow baby grow!
    Its a surprise! Team green!

  • I had to get another phone cuz my phone died and I forgot the password.And yes i did set it up, but it said bellamatson still,so I thought it was a glitch or something. And there was "no reply" because i didn't get a notification.
    No need to be rude about it. At least I let everyone know it was me.
  • @tristalips and @Roses87 -- all of us (@marbeedoodledoo, @chuggingwater and myself) all recognize her too. I am certain of it.

    @maddoxmommy1114 -- do you really need a notification to go in and check responses to a thread that you started? Lol, seriously? It's not like you're starting dozens of threads here.

    FTR, I have no problem with you changing your name for whatever reason you deem necessary. It was the strange passive language that you used that I thought was weird. You probably have two accounts now, since this one didn't carry over your old posts. I still have my old one, I just never use it.
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