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Spa Treatments While Pregnant

My husband and I are going on vacation next week with my family. While the boys are golfing, my mom and I would like to get some spa time. Normally, a massage is my favorite treatment, but it's not very comfortable for me to lay on my belly now at 18 weeks. I'm also a little wary of the chemicals that may be used in a facial. Of course, there's always a mani/pedi, but those aren't all that special. Have you gotten any spa treatments during your pregnancy? What did you like best?

Re: Spa Treatments While Pregnant

  • Most places have prenatal massages.  They are wonderful!  Ive done mani/pedis and waxing too, but I don't do facials even when not pregnant so I can't give you any insight.  I say go for it!

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  • My doctor said all those types of spa treatments are perfectly safe in the second trimester, so go it! Just be sure when you book to tell them you need a pre-natal massage and they'll apply the appropriate modifications. Actually, you're inspiring me to book one for myself! :)
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    Prenatal massage is safe and recommended any time after the 12 week mark unless you have a high risk pregnancy in which case you should first speak with your doctor. Side lying is the best position and I would opt for that over the table with the hole in it for your uterus/stomach since they can still put pressure on the abdomen. Ideally, ask for a therapist who is certified in prenatal massages.

    I have been going once a month for the last four months and they have been so therapeutic and helpful. I have had Vitamin C facials which are also fine during pregnancy, but I didn't really see too much benefit in getting them.

    As far as mani/pedi, make sure you pick a place that is sanitary and does not cut corners when it comes to cleanliness and safety measures. Bacterial infections can occur and can become quite serious. I have had one mani/pedi during my pregnancy and opted for just a gel polish and did not experience any problems.

    Avoid saunas and hot tubs, obviously. If I had to suggest one treatment it would be a prenatal massage. Good luck and have fun!
  • Dont do anything detox, you dont want toxins in your blood stream, working their way out. Thats all I have to add :-) Have fun!
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  • Had prenatal massage last week.... man what that heaven!  My regular spa uses a body pillow with a cut out for the belly.  I'm only 16 weeks so it was fine but as I get bigger I would probably opt for being positioned on my side and in speaking with my therapist that is basically what they do as you get in to your third trimester.

    If you have any doubts call and ask when booking.  Most spas are very informed about what is and isn't safe during pregnancy.

    Have a wonderful time!


  • A prenatal message is like a piece of heaven!  Call the spa in advance and see if they have a way to accommodate your baby bump - most do.   It feels great!



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