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Making your own babyfood?

So baby girl is 3 and half months, starting to think about what my food plans will be when she is ready. Anyone have experience with baby bullet or other food processor s for making baby food. Am I out of my mind thinking I can make her food instead of buying gerber and the like? Thoughts, opinions, what's everyone else thinking?

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  • I've never done it- but I've pinned some recipes on Pinterest- so I'm gonna give it a try. I'm thinking how hard can it really be?

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    I've also pinned some recipes on Pinterest. I plan on using a plain old pot and steamer and our food processor. I don't see the point in buying something "baby" when I already have the gadgets. Also, I looked at Amazon and didn't find anything with particularly good reviews.

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  • I did a little. We have a nutribullet already and just used that. I bought the steam fresh veggies and used those. It didn't take long and I just froze in 1 oz cubes. I didn't use any cookbook or make anything fancy. I did straight veggies alone and a few mixed veggies. I bought most of the fruit because we didn't do many fruits and I don't buy a lot of fruits anyhow.

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  • I made all DDs baby food and plan to do the same for the twins. I have the Baby Bullet but a food processor is just fine. I used my rice steamer to steam everything. It was super easy. Once a week Id steam a bunch of stuff and blend it together in different combos. Some went in the fridge and some in the freezer. I did like the book that came with the Baby Bullet bc it tells you what foods to introduce at what age. I don't think you really need any special recipes. Also, I recommend buying those cheap Take and Toss small colored bowls for storage. No need for expensive special containers. I reused them over and over and still have them.
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    Easy peasy. Check out some baby food cookbooks from your library. I've found they all have the same recipes after a while. It's mostly steamed food pureed. I used a baby bullet but you can just buy a food processor and use a coffee grinder for milling grains. I also got a cheap steamer. It's easy to do this in bulk and freeze. Also the website is great!
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  • I have a brezza and really liked it for my first and plan to use with May baby. Easy to use and clean. Also come with good reading material on what foods to introduce when, and recipes. It's very easy to make your food and so much cheaper!!

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  • I have a mini cuisinart food processor and an immersion blender. I plan on making DD's food. 
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    I made most of DS's baby food and enjoyed it. It was easy and not all that time consuming. I baked/roasted most of the fruits and vegetables in the oven, then pureed them in a Magic Bullet. I found baked fruits and veggies to be more flavorful than steamed, and baking was easier for me since I could just toss everything in foil packets on a sheet pan and set the timer. Baking in foil meant there was very little cleanup.

    Homemade baby food tastes and smells like real food. The difference is amazing. I seasoned everything well from very early on and exposed DS to lots of different flavor combinations and textures. I think that's why he's always been such an adventurous eater.

    I didn't bother making my own cereal, though. Huge PITA, with the milling and boiling and the constant stirring required to avoid lumps. DS didn't eat much cereal anyway, so I just preferred to buy the ones from Earth's Best or Gerber.

    ETA: Wholesome Baby Food is a great resource to start with.


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  • I did a few times when DD was little, but I found it wasn't worth it. She didn't really like purees, so she only ate a very small amount of what I made. I think this time I'll buy a few jars or whatever to start, but we'll likely do BLW anyways. It was just easier. 

    But I AM thinking of getting the Infantino pouch maker thingy for apple sauce on the go - DD still loves apple sauce in pouches, so I think that will be worth it. 
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