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I'm pregnant with my third baby and I've got issues against buying things for my babies after they've been used. I'm a part of an online yard sale for my county and my mom is always pointing out "good deals" to me, and I never feel comfortable buying things once they've been used already by someone I don't know. I don't mind buying used clothes from a nice consignment store, because I can run them through my washing machine- but this morning, my mom and I were talking about how I gave my baby bathtub away because I wasn't anticipating having anymore children. She went onto the online yard sale site and found a used baby bathtub, and I told her absolutely not. Someone else has used it, it might have just been collecting dust for who knows how long, amongst many other unsanitary possibilities. Am I wrong for feeling that way? I think i offended her for shutting her idea down, but I just don't feel comfortable with it. Anyone else have this issue? Or do I need to get over it? any input is appreciated

Re: Buying new vs. used...

  • If it's used and can be washed, I am all for it. I got a used pack n' play with original packaging that had been at a grandparents' house for $50 (the big one that's like $299 on Amazon). HELL YES. It looks brand new, and I am just going to wipe it down before we use it. But to each their own, I guess.
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  • I don't understand why you think a baby bathtub can't be reused because of dust...bleach it out a couple of times and you'll be good to go.  I mean, yeah they're pretty cheap and you could buy a new one but...to not buy a used one because it might be dusty doesn't make sense.

    The stuff I would not buy used are car seats, mattresses/pillows, bottles and cribs.  Pretty much anything else I'd be fine buying at a consignment store or yard sale.

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  • New carseat here (I don't trust "never been in a wreck" from strangers) as well as mattress and bottles, but otherwise it can be cleaned and sanitized.  
    Furniture is a maybe, I have no problem getting a second hand crib as long as I saw it put together and it was sturdy and not recalled etc. Same goes for a dresser. 
    We have a huge baby consignment sale coming up next month, I'm planning to get as much stuff as I can from there. Except the above mentioned items...those will be new and coming from a store. 
  • The only thing I wouldn't buy used is a crib/mattress, unless it was from a close friend. And I would only buy a car seat from a friend if I knew them well and knew there wasn't an accident with it ect. Everything else can be washed/bleached and no point in me spending tons of money on something my kid may or may not, or may be used for a couple weeks only.
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    I think some stuff is okay...stroller, high chair, clothes that you can wash but would never buy a used bath tub. That's gross. Also, a new one is pretty cheap so I would just buy it new.
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  • You are being redic. 

    If it can be cleaned -especially with bleach- it is fine.

    Obviously there are things that you should be new, but a baby bath tub?  Give me a break.  It's plastic.  Bleach it and wash it and it is fine. 

    Like PP said, it's your perogative if you want to buy new.  But for me, now that i already have one kid and am trying to get some things for my next, i would rather spend 1.00 on a baby tub that i can clean, rather then 20+ brand new.  I have other places to spend my money.  


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  • Except car seats, I will reuse anything if it's safe and clean or can be cleaned.

    Because I like money more than new items especially when I am getting a few months use out of them at most.
  • I am by no means ballin out of control, but it is a personal preference to buy only new for my LO. Ultimately, I don't think there is a right or wrong in this scenario, it just comes down to what you're comfortable with.
  • Big things such as car seats high chairs cribs etc. Safety things. New. 100%.

    Clothes toys other baby shit used is totally fine. I've saved some big bucks buying used or free. Which I hope to pass on when I'm done with babes for another mommy to save a couple bucks.

    Babies can be expensive.
  • Never used-- car seat, crib/mattress

    I have no problem with other gear, toys, clothes etc. in good condition

    You don't think new things collect dust sitting in a warehouse and on the store's shelf? Dust is a silly reason not to buy used.
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  • I was surprised by how many people won't buy a used crib, could some of you share the reasoning? I don't think my baby will spend much time in the crib as we an to cosleep but if I bought one I was looking at used and now I am worried....
  • I was surprised by how many people won't buy a used crib, could some of you share the reasoning? I don't think my baby will spend much time in the crib as we an to cosleep but if I bought one I was looking at used and now I am worried....

    I think the issue is if the crib has already been assembled when you purchase it. We bought our crib used from a consignment store but it wasn't assembled and came with all the hardware and the manual.

    OP, if you want to purchase everything new and you have the means to do it then knock yourself out, but baby shit can get expensive quick. Personally, if it can be cleaned then I have no issues purchasing something used. However I do prefer to purchase most items in person rather than online, just so I can see up close what I'm spending my money on, especially if it's a used item.

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  • I don't have a problem buying a used crib if i have a chance to look over it and make sure there aren't tons of scratches and that everything is there.  
    I would also want to buy crib that is less then 5 years old becasue safety standards have changed.

    I buy one crib and use it for all my babies- so  I would want somethign that isn't too worn out - so that i can use it for many years to come.    

    I would not buy a crib mattress used.  


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  • My most prized possession so far for this LO is the mamaRoo I found for $40 on craigslist. All of the fabric was washable and it came with the newborn insert also. Saving $240 was phenomenal! If we hadn't saved almost everything from DS I would be searching the yard sales and consignment stores like crazy. I see now with one how unimportant it is to have name brand and brand new items that only get used for a few months.


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    I see lots of people saying they wouldn't buy a used crib mattress.  My sister is giving me a crib and a mattress, but neither of us are sure about reusing the mattress.  Her son slept on it for 2 years and the mattress is 5 years old.  I believe she has stored it in her attic which does make me nervous.

    Can anyone speak to why you wouldn't re-use a crib mattress from a family member rather than a stranger?
    Mattresses for babies are supposed to be very firm.  A 5 year old mattress is not as firm as it used to be.  Therefore making it more of a SIDS risk.  
    Also no matter how good one has taken care of a it, a used mattress can also have dust, dander and dust mites- that's just the nature of the beast with any mattress.  

    You can get a good mattress for $100.  To me, it is not work the risk of a used.   I would rather buy a jumperoo and baby bath tub used and save the money for things like carseats and crib mattresses.  

    I will actually be buying a new mattress for this LO even though my son is the only one who ever slept on his mattress.  There are somethings I  would rather buy new and I think this new baby deserves sleeping on a clean firm mattress just like his/ her older brother.  


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  • I am fine with used, but as a FTM with no one to give me hand me downs, I will probably be buying a lot! I am also grateful for these threads where I can learn about why not on some stuff, I didnt know increased SIDS with used mattress. I would worry about bugs from used furniture. I work in an ER and we see a lot of bedbugs. So I worry about taking them home, too. But hot water immediate wash of work clothes and a hot shower for me usually alleviates that 20 minutes in the dryer for shoes :-)

    OP, I think you might be a little OCD- but its your baby and your budget. Maybe explain to helpful friend you are just super picky on some things for baby....
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  • You sound a tad bit high maintenence. Some items used, will not kill you! And you can wash clothes from a yard sale too....not just stores. Have fun getting everything brand stinkin new. Carseats, bottles, cribs and mattresses are things to not buy used. But it's none of my business
  • I was surprised by how many people won't buy a used crib, could some of you share the reasoning? I don't think my baby will spend much time in the crib as we an to cosleep but if I bought one I was looking at used and now I am worried....
      The safety standards have changed in the last few years, so I'm choosing to buy a new one rather than use the one I did with my other kids (my oldest is 21 so it's old). You can get a brand new one that is current to safety standards for like $99.

     I suppose if I had a sister or friend with a crib that was a couple years old, I'd consider using it, then I'd know for sure how old it is. Friends my age are becoming grandparents, so...no cribs there lol.
  • Halsing said:

    Question about bottles: My sister gave me a ton of bottles that she used with her baby, born in 2010. They've been stored in an attic which does get hot and cold - is it still safe to use them or should I plan to get all new? I was planning on getting new nipples and just reusing the bottles, but once I got thinking about them sitting in the attic with temp changes I wasn't sure.

    I wouldn't use them. BPA is now banned in baby products, not sure if it was back in 2010. Extreme temps can degrade plastic so even BPA free might not be safe.
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  • almost everything I have for this baby is used but from people I know or are familiar with. The stuff that can be washed doesn't bother me much because I can wash it.  But that's me...to each their own.  If you aren't comfortable with it, stick to it!  Don't back down.  I'm going through this with my mil on other subjects so just stick to it!
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