teething after finally sleeping in what?

My baby girl is 2 months adjusted age. She has been teething for two weeks. She already has one tooth out. She was sleeping in her crib for two weeks and then teething started. She wakes up every 3 hours where before she would wake up once at night and slept long until 7:00am. I tried the teething tablets and tylonel last night and I gave in and brought her to the rock and play in my room. I am not sure if I am mis-training her. My husband is not so great with getting up in the middle of the night and is a big baby. He wants to help but when it is time he just sleeps and doesn't hear anything. I am pretty much alone for now. Do you think she is going to have a hard time going to sleep in her crib if I continue to have her sleeping in the rock and play in my room?

Re: teething after finally sleeping in what?

  • She is five months wo adjusted age. My husband tends to be a pre-madonna and I am so frustrated and tired of it. He is no help the majority of the time so I feel so alone doing things. He helps but when it comes to the middle of the night he is useless even though he says he wants to help....THanks I will definitely do what works, but my pediatrician wanted us to start having sleep permanently in a crib. I will discuss more with him when in our next visit next week.
  • During periods of teething and sickness, I just do whatever works so that we both sleep. Yes, it may require you to work at getting her back in her crib later, but as parents we have to try to make our babies as comfortable as possible when they're going through this kind of stuff (in my opinion). Would she sleep in a pack n play in your room rather than the rock n play so she doesn't get used to the elevation? Or is she sleeping better in the RNP because it's elevated? My DH never really helped at night either unless I couldn't get DD back to sleep and I was desperate to get a little sleep. I was BFing though, so it's not like he could give her a bottle or anything. Sometimes he'd take her out of our room and rock her for a while, but I've found with him that I have to ask for help, I can't just expect him to offer. They're not mind readers like us women. And no offense with regard to your pedi, but you need to do what works for you. Your pedi isn't there at 3am when you're exhausted.

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