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How about a then and now post?

Post a pic of either your first and second (or third,etc) pregnancy or a pic from the beginning and end of your pregancy. Let's see how the bumps have changed!
The pic on the left is two days before my due date with my first pregnancy and the one on the right was today at 4 days before my due date. Luckily I still have the same beat up old shirt to compare lol. I'm definitely way more belly this time around.
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Re: How about a then and now post?

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    You look great!
  • FTM, so I have a before and after pic.

    First one is 18 weeks and second is 36 weeks!
    First BFP: 12/16/13
    EDD: 08/23/14
    Baby BOY born: 08/29/14
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  • You all look great! It so neat to see the differences. I think it's so funny when I look at older pictures compared to now. I remember thinking my belly was so big and now I look at pics and think omg it was so small then, now it's huge!
  • FTM here, so here is my 12 week vs 36 week picture.  
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  • 14 and 37 wks.

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