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Johnson's or Aveeno???

Just curious..which one do you mother's prefer...Johnson's or Aveeno products?

Re: Johnson's or Aveeno???

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    At first I liked the Johnson's all in one hair and body wash, but then DS developed eczema, so we use Mustela now.

    Whatever you get, just get a little bit of it (not one of those huge kits) so that you can test if your baby is sensitive to it.
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  • MaebbMaebb member
    Oh yeah, babyganics is good too!
  • Right now we're using j&j (cautiously) because it was sent to us as a gift basket. However I have too many allergies to count, and psoriasis;and so has eczema, so after using this up (if there are no reactions before that hapens) we will be switching to Cetaphil for his body and probably Burts bees for his hair

    Also my Dr said to only give him a bath 2 to 3 times a week and if I must use lotion to use aquaphor. I don't know if that was just for us bc of our skin problems or if that's for everyone... But just keep that in mind!
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  • Neither. We use Episencials.
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  • I agree with others: neither.

    We use California Baby.

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  • DS has eczema and we use either Aveeno or Aquaphor.  

    This is really going to depend on your LO because some brands that others suggested were terrible for DS but probably work fine for them.  Cetaphil and Babyganics were the absolute worst for us.  
  • I had no idea they were owned by the same company.  I love both.  I really like Johnsons lavender for babies.
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    I will also go with neither. We like Ava Anderson, Burt's Bees or Yes to Carrots. You have to order Ava Anderson through a consultant, but it is the best stuff I've found, hands down. Their diaper cream is like a magic healing cream!
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    After a ton of research, we'll be using California Baby. 
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  • I bought Aveeno baby stuff before DD was born and used the lotion in the hospital which turned her red from head to toe and I caught shit from the nurses. I won't use that again. I thought it was supposed to be for sensitive skin. When DD was older I'd use J&J night time wash and lotion, but when she was a baby I'd use Arbonne or Cali Baby. Now I'm off J&J again and use Live Clean or Arbonne. 


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  • Neither. 

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    I actually prefer Burts Bee's or something more natural. Johnson's has a lot of chemicals
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  • If I am buying I usually do California Baby, Burt's Bees or Honest..... but lately my mom has been trying to help us out and buying and she gets whatever is on sale.... Usualy J&J
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  • oh my kid gets up and up now.  LOL.  Or he uses whatever soap or shampoo my husband happens to be using. 

    Just as a baby he had super sensitve skin and would get rashes from just about everything.  


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  • We use Aquaphor Baby wash and Vanicream lotion
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  • Honest Company and Burts Bees

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  • Last year at the salon, they told me that if I didn't like my hair dye of choice (home dye) to wash my hair with J&J baby shampoo because it will strip out the dye. Something to do with PH balance I think (it was a while ago). That made me think that if it can strip dye, why would I put it on my (at the time) future baby? Their ingredients could have changed since then...

    Aveeno shampoo/soap for some reason wreaks havoc on my skin. I'm allergic to something in it, yet their lotions and other stuff are fine. So I use Burt's Bees shampoo and lotion.
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  • Burt's Bees for a NB because I love love love the smell. It eventually dried out DS's skin too much, so we changed to Aveeno. Now we alternate between Aveeno and J&J.
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  • We used J&J on my kids. We never had a problem with it. But no one in our family has sensitivities or allergies to anything.

    Now we either get whichever shampoo my toddler takes a shine to (aka if she favours Dora or Monsters or Nemo), or sometimes she likes to use daddy's shampoo.

    We generally don't use adult shampoo on the 1 yo, but I figure smelling like Old Spice every once in a whole can't hurt the 3 yo. ;)

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  • momthatliftsmomthatlifts member
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    J & J

    And that's because I have a lot of it laying around. No problems with it so far

    It's a BOY

  • The Honest Company
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  •  We tried using J&J first but our daughter had very sensitive skin and developed eczema.  Our doctor told us that many newborns she sees react badly to J&J because of the strong fragrance used.  We switched to California Baby and have had no further skin issues.  Like a PP mentioned, I'd get small sizes to start out with.  We are stuck with two very large bottles of J&J and can't seem to even give them away.



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  • Another vote for Shea Moisture here! And if my stepmom didn't make the baby homemade salves, i'd be going on Etsy to buy them! I'm pretty hippie with my skincare routines :)

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    MrsMuq said:
    Neither. My doctor actually recommends AGAINST J&J products (mostly because of teh formaldehyde).
    We use Aquaphor and Mustela.
    Your doctor might want to update the info he gives you: J&J products no longer contain formaldehyde.
    She gave me that info long before they started removing the formaldehyde.
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  • FYI, Earth Mama Angel Baby makes great lotion and it smells wonderful.
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  • I've heard lots of good things about Aveeno. My sister used it and still uses it on her 3 year old. It really makes her skin smooth and it doesn't have that sticky feeling afterwards. Johnson's baby lotion (those pink bottles) leave that stickiness afterwards. It's also a cheap lotion. My sister gave me the samples she received at the hospital and I didn't even like putting it on my legs. 
  • Aveeno if I have coupons. It's too expensive but I like it.
  • Another vote for Burt's Bees and Honest Company.
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  • We use Burt's Bees and Live Clean brand. We also got a few samples of this Aleva brand which I really liked. Both the night time wash and lotion were great. They aldo have these bamboo disposible wipes which I loved as well (they were as soft as my cloth wipes), but it's a pricier brand for wipes so I haven't bought any more else Aleva since our gift pack sample ran out.
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  • We like California Baby and it is available at our local Target.  It seems super gentle and you can get unscented.  The environmental working group's database is where I always look for beauty or baby products.  LO is 4 years old and we've used California Baby all along. 

    Thinking of trying out Honest company but it's only available on-line. 
  • I find Aveeno is pretty good. Nice n natural :)
  • I don't use J&J products and try to steer clear of Sulfate in shampoos because it strips the natural oil from hair. I use all natural products myself.

    We've used and registered for Burt's Bees products. I like that you can still get them at most stores and people are familiar with them. I like the Baby Bee shampoo & wash. It's tear free, natural, and you can use one product all over. You can also look up recipes online to make your own stuff and just reuse old bottles. 

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