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3rd percentile

Just found my little girl is in the 3rd percentile at 29 weeks/4 days. ( I was sent for an ultrasound after I was measuring small). Going to see a specialist next week. 

I was a small baby, so was my husband. She looks fine otherwise, but I'm worried that something is wrong with her or the placenta or cord. 

Nothing to do but hope for the best!

Re: 3rd percentile

  • FX for you for good news

  • My baby measured 7th percentile at 2 growth scans 3 weeks apart. (And we did have a cord abnormality.) They had me in for extra monitoring to check on her, like non-stress tests and biophysical profile ultrasounds. It actually made me feel good that she was being watched so carefully. She always looked great on all the tests! 3 weeks later at another growth scan, she suddenly jumped to 22nd percentile! The u/s tech explained that maybe the measurements were slightly off on the small side before.

    Just for example, I learned this after one of my ultrasounds:  2 lbs 15 ounces = 7th percentile, but just 2 ounces more 3 lbs 1 ounce = 16th percentile! Try not to worry because the measurements might be a bit off, plus hopefully the doctors will look after your baby closely.

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