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Did anyone fail their one hour glucose test and then go on to pass their 3 hour? I just found out I failed my 1 hour with at 166 but I did eat a large meal the night before and they said that could of contributed to the level being elevated in my blood. What is everyone else's experiences?

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  • Yup. With my DD I failed my 1 Hour because I had a few bites of a piece of toast 3 hours before the test. (I couldn't help it, I was hungry haha) I then went and did the boring 3 Hour test and passed. I haven't taken the test yet for this little one, but if I fail I'm not going to worry until the second test tells me I failed.
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  • It is very common to fail the 1 hour and pass the 3 hour..... it is also common to fail both and not actually have GD. I plan to talk very seriously with my doctor this time around. I have PCOS, I already eat like a diabetic otherwise I have horrible sugar crashes. So doing the fasting they require is really hard on me. I had to do a one hour glucose test for my fertility specialist early this year as part of,all the testing and I thought it would kill me. I was really shakey driving to the lab and then when I drank the drink I got jittery and half my face went all pins and needles. I can't imagine doing it again pregnant now..... I am hoping to get out of it....
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  • The only good thing about having diabetes going in pregnancy, no nasty ass glucose test! (I'm looking for some kind of silver lining of my diease right now, cut me some slack)

    As PP's have said, it is pretty common to fail the one hour test and pass the 3 hour test.  I had two coworkers who failed the 1 hr test and were fine over the 3 hour test.  Even with a normally functioning pancreas it can take your body a bit to catch up to what you ate and move the sugar out of  your blood.  The range they put as a pass is pretty strict to.  In both cases I'm famliar with the ladies were literally just outside of the accepted range. 

    I think there are a lot of women who get diagnoses with GD that are realy more insulin resistant thanks to the placenta then truely having GD.  Doctors are trying very hard to be safe rather than sorry and on the bright side at least the diet is good for helping the LO get the nutrients they need.

    Only advise I have to avoid the jitters that others have mentioned in make sure your pre fasting meal has some good lean protein in to help avoid going a bit hypoglycemic.


  • Yep, I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour.  If you fail the 3 hour, there are many GD resources to help you manage your diet appropriately.   I know when I failed the 1 hour, I went to Dr. Google and scared the crap out of myself reading the risks for GD.  After talking with my BMB to those that were second time moms that had GD with their first pregnancies, I realized, if managed, all went on to have a healthy, successful pregnancy and it was not the end of the world but more of an inconvenience.  I hope you pass the 3 hour!



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  • Yes, twice.

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  • 2JEL2JEL member
    I just got the "instructions" for my GD test yesterday and was told I could eat 1 hr before drinking the drink but it could ONLY be protein (eggs were given as an example).  Instructions were:

    (1) Wake
    (2) Drink a lot of water and eat protein
    (3) Stop for an hour
    (4) Have sugary drink
    (5) Exactly one hour later draw blood

    Has anybody else had this?  I would think that having more protein in my system would help control the glucose spike, but it appears others here had the opposite results.

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  • Yup.  I failed the 1 hr with DD. (but passed the 3 hour)  With DS, I BARELY passed the 1 hour...and I mean barely.  My OB said I was, like a point away from the cutoff.  Sorry you're dealing with this OP.  The glucose tests are certainly no picnic.

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  • I refuse these due to all the additives they have in that nasty syrup.
  • I failed the 1-hour but passed the 3-hour with my first pregnancy. Tomorrow is my glucose test for this pregnancy, and they don't do a 1-hour/3-hour test. Instead, they do a 2-hour test, and if you fail, there is no re-testing. I'm a little worried about it. I was told to eat a carb-heavy diet for 3 days before the test. Last time, my doctor told me to eat a lot of carbs the night before the 3-hour test b/c they absorb and help regulate the sugars.

  • I refuse these due to all the additives they have in that nasty syrup.

    That's asinine - GD is SERIOUS if left untreated.  It can lead to defects, miscarriage or stillbirth, not to mention a whole host of issues post-birth.

    Not to mention they have dye-free solutions..........
    Agree. Putting baby first fail.

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  • I failed the 1hr after fasting with both my boys. My numbers were really high, both in the 180's and I went on to pass the 3hr both times np. This time I am skipping the 1hr and going straight to the 3hr.
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  • I'm feeling the same way. There just has to be another way to test!
  • I too am skipping the test, but only because I have reactive hypoglycemia and sugar makes me really ill - the test might make me pass out and I would be sick for days after. I'm basically on a GD diet already. I talked to my OB and my endocrinologist and they're ok with me testing my blood sugar fasting and 1 hour after meals for a week - please, to the poster who said they're skipping it - talk to your doctor about alternatives. You can test your blood sugar and figure out if you have GD that way.
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  • To those complaining about taking the test, take it from a type 1 diabetic, diabetes has a huge impact on both your health and your baby's, no matter what form!  At 18 weeks I have seen 9 seperate MD's (mainly because my diabetes clinic has three seperate endocrinologists that rotate through as does my OB's office) due to my pre exisiting diabetes.

    If you have issue with taking the test, talk to your doctor.  There are other ways to test for diabetes the glucose test just provides the best indication of the presense of GD.  I've heard of some women having their A1C (short for hemoglobin A1C) done instead however because it is a three month average of the sugar in your blood stream if you have only the beginnings of GD that may not reflect in the blood work.  As @sensoregurl indicated you can also do finger pokes to test your blood sugar regularily to see if your sugars are spiking after meals which can indicate diabetes. 

    No matter what get yourself tested! 


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