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Does being checked hurt you?

I'm 39 weeks and 2 days.. 1 cm and long ughh... But I've been checked at my last 2 appointments and it hurts really bad! It never hurt with my 1st...

Re: Does being checked hurt you?

  • It has not hurt for me the 2 times I've been checked. Gave me lots of contractions last time though. I am actually looking forward to being checked this afternoon.

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  • The first time at 36 weeks did not hurt. The last two (at 38 and 39) weeks hurt very much!  I don't know why it didn't the first time but did the other times. 

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  • My first didn't hurt, my second did .And I bled a LOT which surprised me after no bleeding at all the first time.
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    They never hurt with my first pregnancy either. But they hurt with my second and they hurt now for sure.

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  • I haven't been checked in a few weeks, but it did hurt then. My OB offered to check me at yesterday's appointment but I said no thanks! It doesn't make a difference anyway, unless you're just curious, so I rather not.
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  • I agree with pp's that it must be technique. I never had any pain with internals with either of my previous pregnancies, but today... Wow! I felt like Wolverine was in there digging around!
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  • I don't remember them hurting with my first, but this time I had to hold on to the table. She warned me, "lots of pressure," but that was an understatement!
  • I wouldn't say it hurts for me- it's more just uncomfortable. I just try to keep the conversation going to avoid focusing on the pressure.


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    With my first they never hurt, but now being pregnant with my second they are somewhat uncomfortable, I believe it's caused by my scar from my previous episiotomy. 

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  • I had one and it didn't hurt at all. Maybe it's the fact that my cervix was closed? I'm not sure.
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  • I had one done at L&D a week ago and it wasn't too bad. Today, my OB did it and it hurt like a biatch. I think it was worse because I was expecting it to feel the same as it did when the L&D doc did it. 
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  • I think it definitely depends on the doctor.  One OB - nothing more than a little discomfort.  The other OB - ouch!
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  • It always hurt when my ob did my checks. He has big ol man hands. I remember in the hospital when I was delivering dd, the nurse didn't hurt at all with her dainty hands.

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  • When my OB did it, it was uncomfortable but not painful. I saw another Dr. the last time and it actually did hurt. She said it would be painful because my cervix is tilted. Definitely think it depends on who's doing it.
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  • I've had 3 and they never hurt.
  • When my OB did it it didn't hurt but the 2 nurses in triage hurt. I have an appointment tomorrow with a different OB than my normal so we will see if it hurts then or if I even decide to let him check me.
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  • Of course I earlier said it didn't hurt and was looking forward to it today. Then today I had the student instead of my OB doing the check and she basically mauled me. If this bleeding keeps up I will be super annoyed, I only bled a little when my OB did it last week. At least I found out I am making progress and we got the clear to keep encouraging baby to come. =)

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  • With my first pregnancy, it hurt a little and was uncomfortable. 

    I have not been checked yet with this pregnancy. 
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  • potterowl said:
    I think it depends a lot on the position of your cervix. If you are still posterior they have to dog way back there to check you
    I found that to be the case as well. 
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  • When my OB does it it doesn't hurt at all. At one of my appointments I saw another OB and it hurt a lot.
    My OB checked me today and it didn't hurt at all. When the nurse checked me on Saturday while in L&D she did NOT have a gentle touch.
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  • I've had one and it definitely wasn't the best feeling. I just had to hold onto the sides of the table. It hurt, but it wasn't too bad. Guess more like an uncomfortable hurting feeling, if that makes sense..
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  • first time I don't remember it hurting, and my OB had huge man-hands (he was a very tall/built man, so they fit!) this OB is a tiny, petite woman and I swear that first time it was like she was elbow deep up in there :/"> mildly uncomfortable, but not cringe/scoot up the table worthy
  • Yes, they are quite uncomfortable.
  • I'll be 36 w tomorrow and I haven't been checked yet. Maybe at my appointment on the 13th my OB will...
  • I feel like with my first it was pretty uncomfortable...
    The birth center that I'm going to this time doesn't do any checks until you are in labor and feel like you need to push. I don't even want to think about what that will feel like, since they never checked me before pushing with DS!
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  • My checks don't hurt at all. This is my second.
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  • For me it depends on who is checking it seems. It's always uncomfortable, but almost never painful.

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  • vk2204vk2204
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    I was checked for the first time last week. it was pretty awful for me. First our wait was a good hour and a half, then when we saw my OB she was upset because we waited so long, she thought we left - her new assistant was being really lazy or something with all of her patients. She made me strip down and get on the bed. Immediately she went for the butt swab and that was so unexpected I completely locked up and when she went to check my cervix I could not relax enough and it hurt pretty bad. She told me she will try again this week and to be ready for it, lol. I have to go today and I am dreading it. I am hoping I can mentally prepared before she comes in!

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  • For me it feels slightly uncomfortable but it has never hurt. 
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  • first one today- I didn't find that it hurt. being 3 cm is totally giving me false hope that I will be done soon though....

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  • I was checked twice last night and it hurt like hell. I guess the nurse had been watching reruns of jersey shore because she was fist pumping up inside me, I've never hurt or bled after being checked but I am now and I'm pretty traumatized after last night, I think DH was kinda freaked out too. I think I can go without being checked anymore.
  • My first was a couple of days ago and it hurt. I didn't cry or anything, but it was definitely uncomfortable. My cervix is apparently still really high so I felt like she shoved her whole arm up there.

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  • I had my first one today and it was more uncomfortable than a pap, ugh. My OB does have large man hands so that may have contributed.
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  • I didn't find it uncomfortable at all- other than having my lady bits all out there in their swollen pregnant glory.

  • My first pregnancy I wasn't checked at all until I was in labor. I swear that was the worst part of the whole experience! My husband still talks about the look on my face.

    This pregnancy I've been checked 4 times and I expected it to hurt just as much, but those were fine.

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