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AFP Levels HIGH :(

I just got off the phone with my doctor, those nightmare phone calls that leave you feeling more lost and alone then before. He told me all of my quad screening came back good but one. I tested positive for spina bifida. My numbers were 4.01 thats a 1:26. He has ordered me a follow up ultrasound. Has anyone experienced this? & came out just fine? I know my numbers are drastically high, I attached a pic of my 9wk maybe someone can see something. Im currently 18 weeks pregant and only 20 years old.

Re: AFP Levels HIGH :(

  • Hi.

    First of all, you didn't test positive for spina bifada so please don't think that what the doctor said was a diagnosis.  You tested positive for one of the markers of spina bifada/neural tube defects.  You have a 1:26 chance of your baby having a NTD, which is less than a 4% the odds are in your favor.

    I had a high AFP level (2.72, I believe) and went for a follow up ultrasound within a few days.  Everything is fine so far - the did not find anything major wrong with the baby.  They did offer follow up testing in the way of an Amnio but I declined given that my ultrasound was perfect.

    Good luck!




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