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What are you doing to keep busy?

So a lot of us are still waiting for our LOs to arrive. With all the other moms' birth stories I get more and more anxious and excited to welcome my little girl. However, my house is clean, my bag is ready, I am out of work and I find myself sitting around all day just thinking about labor (correction: obsessing over labor) I know I should just cherish this free time as it will never be the same ever again, but after two weeks of being home cabin fever is striking and I need to occupy myself with something else. Any suggestions? What are you ladies doing to get your mind off L&D for a min and just enjoy this time? ( I think I have seen everything on demand and netflix in the last two weeks and if I wash my floors one more time, they may ware off lol)

39+2 only five more days left hopefully :)

Re: What are you doing to keep busy?

  • It may sound funny, but I mow the lawn.

    It's something I know I'm not going to be able to do after baby is born, plus it's the only form of really good exercise I get these days! But I'm nearing 36 weeks, at 39 I'm not sure I'll still be doing it!

  • @kareik01 wow that is amazing, I have no strength to push my vacuum never mind the lawn mower.
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  • Honestly I just take care of my 1.5 year old and make freezer meals as I can. I am exhausted after keeping after DD that not much else is getting done.
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  • Working full time, dealing with mom recovering from hip surgery, trying to spend any time with DS and DH, still working on new house (construction and unpacking).  I am exhuasted. 
  • @phaarealwed yeah last night was a little rough, but I also didn't drink my usual amount of water yesterday so I'm putting the blame there.

    DH won't let me go on walks anymore. I used to have him call me when he was about 45 minutes from being home and I'd go on a walk that leads out of town and have him pick me up as he drives by. Well about 3 weeks ago his phone died and he had no way to tell me that he wouldn't be there when he thought. I ended up walking over 5 miles in probably 90 degree weather with no water. Since then he won't let me go on walks just in case, so mowing is my excuse to still get the walking in!

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