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Naptime Question

I like to try make sure DD gets 2-3 good naps a day. I try make sure we are home so she can go down in her crib before she gets overtired. She's tough to get to sleep when we miss that window. She's just happier when she gets good sleep and it makes life easier. She doesn't nap well or at all really in the car or stroller. So my question is when we have a scheduled apt to get to that falls during naptime do I A) put her down at her regular time and wake her when it's time to leave for the apt? Or B) keep her up and wait to put her down after we get back home from the apt? WWYD?

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  • Sounds like a lose-lose situation.

    I usually let him nap until it's time to go and deal with the crankiness caused by waking him early.
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    too many variables to say always one one or the other.  If I see she is tired and will go down quickly enough to get in even a short nap (maybe not as long as normal but more than just a catnap) I will put down like normal.  If it is just going to be a catnap I might just have her nap on me and try to do a nap when we get back. 

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  • Yeah, there are too many unknown variables here. But I would either put BZ in the car and drive around a bit on the way to the appt to sort of "force" a quick nap at the normal time, or put him down a little bit early if possible and wake him up to go to the appt and hope that he snoozed a bit on the way too.
  • What I would do is if I know an appt is going to occur during the time she generally naps at, then I consider waking her up early so she can get a good solid nap in before we go. On Monday, I had a 10:45 appt and DD usually gets up between 6:30 and 7am, so that appointment would have fallen right smack in the middle/end of her nap. Instead, we woke up at 5:45 am and she was down for her first nap by around 7:45 and was awake with enough time to eat before going to my appointment. Worked like a charm. She ended up needing an extra cat nap that day to make it to normal bedtime, but she adjusted very well to the change. 
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  • There definitely are lots of variables. Crappy part was I booked the apt for 11 b/c she's always awake at that time but the dr office called and changed it to 1:00 aka middle of naptime. I've never sleep trained her or forced naptime, she's just gotten herself into a routine where she naps at roughly the same times each day. We'll just see what tmrw brings and what she's like in the AM I guess. Thanks for the input/suggestions, ladies!
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