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Rough morning!!



Past few days have been great!

Then I wake up this morning and the water works have not stopped!!!

I had asked my husband a while back if he missed them [our twin boys born sleeping on 7.16.14 at 28wks due to TTTS], he responded sympathetically "I miss the fact that they're not here with us.  I can't miss them like you because they weren't 'a part of me' like they were with you."  I understand and respect his response, but at the same time I just feel soooooooooooooooooo lost and alone. 


The good days I feel guilty for because I don't want it to seem like "it never happened".  But I know that I can't stop my entire life!


This all just SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Re: Rough morning!!

  • I'm sorry you're having a rough day. It's hard when our significant others seem to not hurt as much as we do.
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  • I'm sorry, that has to be so difficult. But I am glad your husband understands that you're grieving differently and seems to try to understand how fully the loss affected you. He sounds like good support.

    Sorry you're having a rough morning :( Crazy and difficult how it comes and goes like that, isn't it? I hate it.

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  • I'm sorry your having a rough morning. Try not to feel guilty during those good moments - your sons would want you to know happiness too. You will never forget your sons no matter what emotion you may be feeling. This whole process just feels like a roller coaster and I think all the emotions are normal. ((hugs))
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    I'm sorry you're having a rough morning. It has only been less than 2 weeks, you're entitle to your feelings. Men and women grieve differently, MH was not as emotional, and I later found out he was staying strong for me. Your H probably staying strong for you. It has been more than 10 months since I lost my son, and certain things will still make me cry, and I miss him and think about him everyday. 

    Don't feel bad for your good days, it doesn't mean you love your boys any less or don't miss them. The pain will never go away, you will learn how to manage it better and live life with the new normal. 
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    Thank you ladies!  <3 

    The day has come to an end and I'm still crying! 

    I'll be okay though!



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