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Teething cough?

Anyone else's baby have a dry cough? Arabella seems to cough, mostly only at night or when she's simply laying flat on her back. I run a humidifier in her room at night. I don't want to call the dr over nothing, but it's been going on for a month or so. She doesn't have a fever, it doesn't seem to wake her up at night.

I've read that teething (extra saliva being swallowed) can cause this, but figured id check with you ladies!
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Re: Teething cough?

  • Following, Harpers been doing the same thing. I was wondering if she was getting a cold. But the teething makes sense.


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  • We've been having this as well (also for about a month probably). It's sporadic -- happens more when she lays on her back but can happen anytime. I've been thinking it is either saliva (she's been drooling a ton) or a little bit of reflux. At first I was a little worried but at this point it's been going on so long I've sort of accepted it as normal. It doesn't seem to bother her at all.
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  • Yep! My pedi saw the cough at his 4 month check up appointment, I even took video of LO doing it just in case he didn't cough while at his appointment. The pedi said it was most likely all the drool! LO has been drooling a lot lately. Pedi said that it was most likely the drool tickling the back of his throat and him trying to clear it out. LO has no temperature and his lungs sounded clear, so pedi chalked it up to drool. 

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  • My LO has had a cough for about a month, as well. It was unsettling for the first few days but he never had a temperature and it never got worse. He doesn't seem bothered by it and the pedi said it is probably from the excess saliva.
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