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Spam in the City!

Didn't see one started yet so I am up and here I am :)

Today is glorious. My mom kept all 3 kids (yes all 3) and I actually slept in past 6am. I would have slept even later than I did had a girl from work not texted me and then the dogs who have no sense of "day off" think they still need to eat at the regularly scheduled time. UGH. But it was a glorious sleep. Today my plans include a few light house chores and then lunch/movie date with my first love (DH lol) before we go pick the kiddos back up and then do that night time madness. But while I am child free I am going to live it up and totally take a nap! 

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Re: Spam in the City!

  • Sounds like an awesome day!  Today Simon and I are taking my mom out for lunch for her birthday.  I am both looking forward to it and dreading it because it's in the middle of Simon's afternoon nap.  Hopefully he behaves.  :)  I'm trying to think of what I can get at Panera that he can eat some of to keep him occupied.  I'm thinking a bagel?  Or maybe just a piece of bread is safer (no sugar, etc)?

    P.S.  I usually nap along with Simon in the morning to get some extra sleep, and lately he's only been napping for an hour or so....which means by the time I get myself settled down and asleep, I only get 30-40 min.  Then today I don't nap so that I can shower and get ready for lunch, and he's taking this epic 2 hour nap.  WTF, kid?
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  • @pearsforpoops‌ yup that will be your payback lol. J/K or maybe I'm not haha.

    It's been a glorious morning so far. My mom just called to check in. I'm so glad LO was good for her because that means she's more inclined to keep her another time in the future.

    We can't decide between Hercules and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Ohh the struggles lol.
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  • Its supposed to be sunny today! I want to hang my laundry out, I hate using the tumble dryer.

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  • I have a friend who's baby has slept through the night from day one. They had to wake him up the first couple weeks to feed him. She has the balls to complain about sleep on Facebook all the time. After she talks about how her baby sleeps 13 hours at night. Someone mentions sleep and her response is #momsdontsleep #sleepwhatsthat (she also has a deep and annoying love for hashtags, I don't get it)
  • @pearsforpoops‌ I was just reading a sleep study that found sleep patterns are largely genetic. Fingers and toes crossed for both you and @heyitsmamac‌ to luck out twice.

    My spam for the day is I just had all four wisdom teeth removed while wide awake because I'm still nursing. The local is wearing off and this whole thing sucks. Wisdom teeth be damned!

    All my sorries!

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  • @prettykitty2012‌. Hearing your H's reaction legit made me tear up. Awesome gift!

  • Well since LO is such a shitty sleeper, I'm keeping my FX for #2.  I'd almost rather have it harder with the first, so that when the second one comes along (if he/she is a good sleeper) I will be pleasantly surprised.


  • MrsP821 said:

    I totally think that there is a correlation between baby sleep and readiness to try for another. Plusalso how much sex do you have When exhausted? Answer almost none

    Agreed. We realize and fully acknowledge how lucky we've been with Haden. Barring a few relatively minor issues, he's been a very easy baby. 

    Our next will certainly be our payback. All our friends waste no time in telling us so.

    We've been pretty lucky with DD as well. FFWC-I'm not sure I want to have another baby because I'm terrified baby #2 will not be as easy. DD has been a pretty easy going baby. There's no way I can get that lucky and have 2 babies that sleep perfectly, right? 

    Im in the same boat and afraid #2 will be challenging. The few nights that LO has woken up since he started sttn have left me exhausted the next day so I can't imagine what it would be like doing it consistently. All the mamas that do are super heroes

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