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MaterniT21 test?

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Re: MaterniT21 test?

  • I had it done and insurance did cover most of it because of my age (it's not just for high-risk). 

    Even if insurance won't cover it, the company that manufactures the test will work with you to get the out-of-pocket cost down to about $250. (Sequenom - they will mail you a letter after you've had the test explaining how to contact them.) 

    I am really glad I opted to do the test. It gave me wonderful peace of mind early on.

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  • I did the harmony test...the same basically biggest relief of my life and I've not heard anyone paying over 250.00 out of pocket. I would of paid it but high risk and it was covered.
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  •  I did have it-I'm 43-my insurance covered it. But I don't know if I would have paid out of pocket for it. Unless I knew for sure it was $250. My insurance paid over $1000 something.
  • we just did the test. The lab that provides the test bills insurance about $2k for the test. My genetic counselor gave me a pamphlet and phone number to call if by due date I haven't paid the $235. The lab understands taht people won't pay the 2k for the test (and hello insurance mark ups!!) so they end up charging the consumer the small amount.

    Our results came back stellar and #2 will be a girl! :) So much for shopping... #1 is a girl too! I think husb is relieved that the checkbook will stay intact.

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  • I did Verifi. My insurance covers a different test, but it is not necessarily accurate for twins, so they did paperwork juggling for a couple weeks and approved me. My Dr office said if we submitted through insurance the one they do in office, lab agreed to a capped OOP if insurance didn't pay.

    Good luck! We had a loss last year with T21, so I was planning to pay OOP if I had to, this time came back clear :-)
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