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Does anyone own and elliptical trainer?

I'm thinking about purchasing one because I have an upper body injury that limits most other forms of exercise. I've been looking on craigslist and have found some lower end models for as cheap as $200 nearly brand-new. They are by Schwinn and NordicTrack I'm just not sure if I should be looking at a higher end model or if these will do fine for home use. They look much smaller than the gym models but maybe that would be fine. can anyone recommend an elliptical?

Re: Does anyone own and elliptical trainer?

  • Honestly - get the gym membership - I know exercising at home seems like the way to go, but it's a great supplement to the gym. Even if you can't do a lot of upper body stuff - train around your injury as you still have most of your body that can be trained. The other reason - you don't have to put up with maintenance of equipment at home and often gyms will have a daycare/play room for the kids that you can use for two hours of guaranteed time to train/work out.

    If you do decide to purchase a piece of equipment, purchase gym-grade equipment or hit the going out of business sales for a gym if you want to save some $$$.  There's a reason someone is getting rid of equipment on Craigslist.  Used equipment is pennies on the dollar so be savvy about it!! 

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  • I have a Schwinn elliptical and I love it! I run 3-4 times a week. There are lots of different running styles programmed in it that I really like. It has incline and resistance.

    When I was looking at different models the salesman made a good point. You want to be budget friendly, but if you buy something cheap that doesn't fit you well you won't want to use it anyway.

    My point is, I love mine. But make sure you try it out and the stride length fits you well before you buy it!
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