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When did your babies start cooing/making sounds? My baby just turned 3 months last week, and we really don't hear much out of her except for some loud 'yelling' every once in a while and a cough sound here or there when she laughs. When I look in those darn milestones books, it says this should happen by 2-3 months. Ease my fears! This is my second, and my first child was cooing up a storm by this age.
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Re: Cooing/Talking

  • Thanks. I should probably just hang on tight until her 4 month appt in 3-4 weeks. I can do it! 
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  • jenn43jenn43 member
    My LO only started cooing last week (at 12 weeks old).  She'll get there!
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  • I wouldn't worry at her age.
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  • When my LO hit 3 months, she was also doing sort of a yelling/call when she wanted attention. My DH and I joke that her first word is, "Hey!"

    She's nearing 4 months and she is yammering on a lot now... it just came on last Friday and now she won't stop! :)

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