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18 month sleep regression

Is it kicking anyone else's tail?  My daughter is up for HOURS each night.  It's maddening! And I hope the fact that she's not even 17 months won't make it last longer. 
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Re: 18 month sleep regression

  • ugh I am terrified of this.  I've been warned by a friend.  We don't appear to have hit it yet, but are just 17 months next week so I'm still afraid it's around the corner.

    I feel like this is when those of us who were lucky to have good sleepers get payback...
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  • Hmm, maybe this is what's going on with DS. He's never been a good sleeper but we've had trouble with bedtime lately and he's been waking up more often. I guess fortunately (??) I'm used to it since he's never really STTN. Too bad my favorite sleep resource (Baby Sleep Science) has an 18 month regression blog post COMING SOON but not available now. 
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  • Randomly DS wakes up in the middle of the night. I put him in out bed and he knocks back out. This happens maybe once a week.
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  • I am worried this just started with DS. He woke up twice a couple nights ago and really struggled going back to sleep. I hope it doesn't last too long. I've noticed it is worse when he doesn't get a good nap in during the day.

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  • We started this last week and it blows... She was in such a good routine and now she fights sleep for hours and has little to no routine. I can be on my feet for hours longer Than I used to be just trying to wear her out for a nap or bedtime. Like right now it is midnight and she is finally ready for bed.,, all the websites tell me that this can last up to six weeks :s yikes!
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  • Sounds like this hit us as well. He sleeps well once he's in bed, the trick is getting him there. He fights bedtime for all he's worth and we usually have to trick him into falling asleep on the floor in the living room, waiting for him to be completely asleep, then moving him to bed in the dark.

    And because sleep is erratic, so are naptimes and we have several days where we're both grouchy. Bleh.
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  • Same here! DS acts super tired, you put him to bed and he has marathon energy. Lately going down has been ok but he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. DH has been so much help...hahahahaha
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