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How many hours of daytime sleep does baby get?

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If you add up the naps how many hours of sleep during the day does LO get?

How many hours of daytime sleep does baby get? 163 votes

Less an 1 (cat napper)
3% 6 votes
20% 33 votes
40% 66 votes
25% 42 votes
5% 9 votes
4% 7 votes

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Re: How many hours of daytime sleep does baby get?

  • HncampHncamp
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    It varies day by day :-S some days 4-5hrs. Some days 2-3.
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    morning nap 1 hour, afternoon 2 hours

  • Everyday is different, but she usually naps between 3-4 hours a day. Morning nap is usually 1.5 hours and then either a long afternoon nap which is 2 hours or 2 late afternoon naps which are usually an hour long each.


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  • Julia's sleeping is all over the place.  A lot of day, she take 2, maybe 3, 20-40 min naps a day.  But some days she'll take multiple 1+ hr naps.  I'm just glad she's a consistent nighttime sleeper because the naps are frustrating.
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  • 3 hours minimum for a semi-functioning baby.  Ideally she needs at least 2/1.5 hour naps and a 30 min. cat nap around 5-5:30.  Most of the time daycare can get her to the 1.5/2 hour mark and we can get another cat nap in at home. 




  • Generally an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. She needs more daytime sleep but fights it so bad.

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  • anakahanakah
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    LO naps from 10-11 and then from 2-3 at daycare so that's what we try to stick to at home as well.  He also gets an extra 20 minute nap on the ride home around 5:30 usually. 
  • ColeRose said:
    It varies, anywhere from 2-4 hours per day. He almost always takes two naps, one short nap in the morning and the longer one in the afternoon. His morning nap is anywhere from 10 mins to an hour and his afternoon nap is anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours.
    +1. Except her morning nap is pretty much 45 -60 minutes every time. Afternoon is about 2 hours.
  • We get 3-4 naps that range anywhere from 30-90 mins each.
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  • An hour to 90 minutes in the morning, around 2 hours in the afternoon, sometimes a little longer.

    That's at daycare.  When she's home with me she takes three naps that equal up to about the same time.
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  • LawrenLawren
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    Anywhere from 1-3 hours a day. Never more than 3.
  • bty19bty19
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    My friend hired a sleep consultant for her LO. Consultant said 3 hours a sleep a day, for this age.  If that means 1 nap or 4 - shouldn't be less than 3 hours a day.



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