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ex-35 weeker not walking at almost 1, should I be concerned?

In all honesty I'm not that concerned, but everyone besides me immediate family around me is ! #1 was born at 36w and was walking a little bit by 1st birthday but mostly crawling, #2 turning 1 in a week and no where near walking. Can stand alone, but holding onto furniture, he was "late" sitting, crawling etc etc. I feel like I have to keep reminding people it's okay if he's a bit behind, I'm fine with it, he will walk when he's ready :) How to stop the why questions all the time? Is there something wrong with him questions?

Re: ex-35 weeker not walking at almost 1, should I be concerned?

  • There's a post just a bit down the page about not crawling where some people shared when their kids hit these milestones.

    My FT singleton didn't walk until after a year. I always say that as they get older, there's a much wider range of "normal". I felt like I was always up against those questions w my oldest bc he was a late talker. I know FT kids that didn't walk until 16-18mo. They were focused on perfecting other skills and started to walk when they were ready.

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    Perfectly fine that he's not walking yet. DD was a 31 weeker and walked at 13.5 months. But even full term babies don't all walk at exactly one year. I know the constant questions can get annoying. Even random strangers would ask how old is she and is she walking yet. He'll walk when he's ready!

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    Thanks Ladies :)
  • DD is only 4 months at  the moment but DS was full term and he walked at 14 months. He was a little later on most things but still within the normal range.

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  • DS1 was born at 32w3d. He did everything on the later side for his adjusted age. He didn't walk until 16 months actual, 14 adjusted. He just does things on his own schedule. No cause for concern for you!

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  • My twins were born at 32w3d and the walked at 15 1/2 mo. I asked the dr at their 15 mo appt when we'd be concerned a bout them not walking. He said between now and 18 mo. It was about a week or so later they took off.
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  • I wouldn't be worried, I was told up to 15 months was completely normal. DD started walking at 13 months actual.

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  • The average age for a baby to start walking is 13-14 months and most pedis do not get concerned until near the 18 month mark, and thats for a full term baby! My 30 weeker walked a day shy of 14 months actual and I was expecting it to be much later cause she didn't crawl until 10 months. I wouldn't stress!
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    Don't worry until your pediatrician expresses concern.  All the milestones are rough averages and kids reach each of them at different times based on their body build, personality, and interests.  Slimmer kids tend to walk earlier than plump ones. Some kids are just more cautious and afraid to try until they feel more certain of their balance while others are bigger risk takers and start trying sooner.  And some are just not that interested and are practicing other skills instead.

     My son was a 34 weeker and just turned one and isn't walking yet or standing unsupported for more than a few seconds.  His cousin, who was a full term baby, was the same way at 12 months and walked at just over 13 months.  Now at 14 months she's running around.  The range for when most full term babies start walking is something like 10-15 months and pediatricians give it a couple more months after that before it's a concern, so your son is perfectly fine. 

    People just have it in their heads that babies start to walk and talk at 1 and they forget that babies are people, not little robots on a timer.  Plus it's just a general topic of conversation about one year olds, like asking about gender was when you were pregnant.
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  • I don't have much to add other than we were visiting my family this weekend, and my cousin's DS, who is 10 months (11 weeks older than DS adjusted) was taking steps unassisted. So yeah, I got a ton of questions after that because my DS can't crawl, stand, or get into a sitting position on his own. But our Dr isn't concerned, so I'm trying to not be either. They have their own time lines!
  • My niece, full term...overdue a few days, just started walking at 15 months. 

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