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Dr wants to schedule C-section. I don't.

I'm a mother of twins. That pregnancy ended in a c section at 33 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. I have had NONE of the complications of my last pregnancy this time around. We've talked about a VBAC as this is definitely the route I want to take. His take has always been as long as baby is head down and I go into labor on my own and don't go passed 40 weeks he's all up for it. So imagine my surprise at last week's visit he just walks in and says "Have we scheduled the c-section as of yet"? With my eyes bugged and my eyebrows scrunched up together I reply "No because we are not aiming for a c-section" He then proceeds to explain that with patients who have had previous c-sections he always schedules them for a c section at 39 weeks because getting "in" for a section last minute can be tricky. So I'm like wth? I do NOT want a c section pre planned a whole week before my due date. He says that he starts checking weekly from 35 weeks on and if after weekly stips and stimulation I don't start to dilate by the 39th week then there is no point waiting cause it won't happen on it's own. And since he won't let me deliver vaginally if I have to get induced then I might as well schedule the c section just in case. My thing is this: I know and have read up on so many moms dilating their last week or even at 40 weeks. Why should I give up at 39 weeks when she could very well come on her own a week later. Shoot, people go from 0 to 2-3 in a matter of hours. So I refused. He said ok but then turned around and said well let's schedule it for 40 weeks. At that point I felt like I had no choice since he would go for the Section at 40 weeks anyway. I just feel so bummed because up until point I thought he was pro VBAC. That's why I chose him and when I became his patient I made that clear .I now feel like I'm going to be "rushed" into s c-section. ....

Re: Dr wants to schedule C-section. I don't.

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  • Thanks ladies. I was wondering if I do get to 40 weeks and no baby what are my options? I mean can I ask to be checked and if no sign of distress, refuse the c-section?
  • Single. He's been awesome thus far, and then this...such a bummer.
  • Like a pp have said I've thought about just "not showing up" but I thought I would be refused to be treated by him after that. I'm such a non confrontational person. But this is my body. It's my labor and I want the experience that I choose unless medically necessary. Thanks so much for the advice and kind words.
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  • Yep, stand your ground. I know a few women that have gone past their due date with VBACs & had no complications. Your doctor is kind of being an ass. Sounds like he is working you into whats good for HIS schedule, not what works for you.

    Good luck!!
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  • You do have a choice, even if it doesn't feel like it.  I had a c-section with DS and hope to VBAC this time around.  I am already prepared to tell the OBs that I have no interest in scheduling a c-section before 42 weeks. If there are any complications between now and then, I would be flexible.  And you don't need to be confrontational about this.  It is your body, your baby and your choice.  Be firm but let them know that you are willing to do extra monitoring.  Good luck!
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  • Birth can be extremely unpredictable. It's nice to have a plan, but we shouldn't be upset if it doesn't go our way. As long as healthy baby gets here, that's all that really matters. You'll just be happy to have him/her out. Lol
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  • Rae, no your comment wasn't negative at all! I understand what you are saying. It's just the whole 39 week cut off thing that is irking me. Why wouldn't he want to give my body that extra week to progress on it's own? But yes I will look for the VBAC boars. I don't know if it's cause I'm on my mobile but I didn't see it at first glance. Thanks again.
    Jax, you're right I DO want her OUT lol. But because of my 33 week section with the twins I felt in a sense robbed of the whole birthing experience. Might sound weird to some but I actually want the contractions, the water breaking, pushing and all that etc etc. Yes I know it may not happen but at least want a fair shot at it. No matter what a c-section is major surgery. If I can avoid it, why not?
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  • ss265ss265 member

    I am in a similar situation - C-section with DS1 and on the fence about VBAC/RCS with DS2. My OB suggested scheduling a RCS anyway just to get the time slot and then canceling later if I decide to VBAC. She never pushed me into scheduling it and completely left it up to me. It sounds like he just had a bad day with his bedside manner or he could have been confused and thought that you had decided on a RCS.

    I would have a frank conversation with him on how long he is willing to wait for you to go into labor. What is his rationale for not letting you go past 40 weeks? Do you have other risk factors? Schedule a RCS at the point at which he is not willing to wait for you to go into labor, just so you have the time slot. Could be that you don't need it if you go into labor before that date.

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  • I understand his reasoning for wanting to schedule it "just in case," to prevent you from going past 40 weeks -- but I don't understand the 39 week thing.  It sounds like you were already on board with a 40 week c/s in the event that you didn't go into labor on your own, so this is no different - just avoids a scheduling mishap?  Or am I misunderstanding?
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  • I would suggest to Dr a compromise. I personally hate drs trying to browbeat me into something I have researched and have a strong, reasonable opinion about when it comes to my body. Honestly, you may end up needing a c/s, but if that's not what you want...they can't make you. If it were me, I'd say " Look. You are disappointing me right now by not listening to my wishes. How about we come to an accord that we can both live with." Then again, you might want to just say fuckit and find a new doc.
  • Oh and for the poster that asked about any risk factors. No, I have NONE. Last c section was due to pre eclampsia and I believe it rested on the fact that I was having twins. I had sooooo many complications that pregnancy that I do not have this time around. Bleeding, Shortening of cervix, contractions starting at 17 weeks, and high blood pressure. I was on bed rest from about 19 weeks and also hospital bed rest twice. This pregnancy is different and I'm aiming for a different birth experience too.
  • Is he also giving you a reason why you can't go to 42w? I didn't know if there was some sort of vbac rule against going past your DD. If not, I would even push against the 40w deadline.

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  • Thank you so much to everyone. I really feel like I can speak up now and will do so at my next appointment. Jss this is my issue. Up until last week I believed he would let me get to 40 weeks and then we would SEE if I needed the c-section. Now it's if I'm dilating by 39 weeks IMMEDIATE c-section. That's not the same thing at all.
    Got it - and that doesn't make sense at all.  I would think dilating at 39 weeks is a good thing for attempting a VBAC!  I like the suggestion of asking if you can schedule it for 41 weeks -- or even the very end of 40 weeks.  Even if you are still going to just SEE if you need the c/s, it would be better to have it on the books because those things get hard to schedule (for examples - I'm having a repeat c/s and it has been scheduled for almost 2 months already, because hospital calendars book up so fast).

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  • A little off the topic of the OP, but there's an interesting case in Florida this week about a hospital and patient disagreeing on her RCS/VBAC treatment.

    My quick take on the outcome is that a hospital can't force someone to have surgery, but a patient can't force a hospital to change their practices either. Not sure where the story will go, but it has some potential to pick up some traction.

    Oh, and she ended up needing a RCS (in a different hospital) after all the drama of courts and such.

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  • Jax, you're right I DO want her OUT lol. But because of my 33 week section with the twins I felt in a sense robbed of the whole birthing experience. Might sound weird to some but I actually want the contractions, the water breaking, pushing and all that etc etc. Yes I know it may not happen but at least want a fair shot at it. No matter what a c-section is major surgery. If I can avoid it, why not?

    I totally understand. I'm having CS#3. Thanks to DD1's heart rate dropping with every contraction, I never got to experience natural vaginal childbirth with any of my children. A piece of me feels like I missed out on something.
    Never had my water break. Never had to push. Some days I'm upset by this fact. Other days I'm celebrating how lucky I am. I didn't have to deal with the not-knowing when baby's gonna debut. No mad dash to the hospital with a frantic DH. No hours upon hours of labor. It really just depends on my mood that day. Lol
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    Long term it is your decision

    But you also have to remember you are already at a higher risk because you had twins which stretched your uterus more than a single birth

    That alone makes them leery I am sure. Your scar is probably not as sturdy as a single birth would have been to attempt vbac
  • My OB was pushing me to get induced and stated if i dont progress quickly she'd give me a c-section at 40W4D i had chosen her knowing she is pro natural but was shocked when she told me that at 40W

    I decided not to get scheduled and not to go see her again and though if she doesnt deliver me then whoever on call would once i go into labor.

    I ended up findig my original OB at 40W6D and going into labor on my own at 41W and delivered by the OB i liked the most.

    Stand ur ground as long as baby is healthy and not distressed there is no reason to rush into anything
    God Bless You my Little One
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  • @mscandyrain... update?

    Hope things went well.
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