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Rib Pain

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Does anyone else have pain in the ribs at all??? Its not severe but its definately noticable and very uncomfortable and oddly its only my left side. Sometimes it even feels slightly numb and tingly but the pressure is still there. Im 24 weeks and have had it for about 2 wks or so...

Re: Rib Pain

  • I have pretty strong pain behind my ribs and have had it on and off since 21 weeks. I find it comes more after sitting for a while or eating, particularly fatty food. Since mine is on my right side, right under/behind the ribs, I was worried about gallstones, but my doc said it's most likely musculoskeletal pain. She told me that if it goes away by lying down or taking a Tylenol, not to worry.
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    I think you're both right...he was upsidedown at my last sonogram so I think his head is still up by my rib cage... 
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    Not this time around - at least not yet. But last time I had horrible pain, esp on the right side, started around 6m and just got worse till I gave birth. I swear my right bottom couple ribs are still misshapen from that. It was unbearable. My DD was breech and had her head under my right side ribs.
  • And by "upsidedown", I mean rightsideup, as in breech lol! Im slightly afraid he will stay like that :( Im always trying to guess if he's turned or moved positions but I get the same kicks or punches on my left side only. Is it possible he just favors one side? Did you have the same experience where your DD was on the right side only? Did you have to have a c-section?
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    @cf1126‌ Yes she mostly faced to the left. she flipped from left to right at one point and that felt crazy!! But then she flipped back to the left and stayed that way to the end. So I felt more head butting type kicking under my right rib where her head was, and more pointy type kicking (as in my stomach would get all pointy) on the other side by her feet.
    I did end up having a c/s. We attempted a version, but her head kept bumping into the placenta and she wouldn't flip. Don't worry about that part though. You have time. And a c/s is really not the end of the world like some people (esp those who never had it..) try to paint it.
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