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after you miscarriage/d&c

Was it hard for you to be around or see other pregnant women? (Either ones you know or complete strangers) And what about newborn babies? I seem to be okay around babies but other pregnant women I feel a little gab and I'm happy for them but not happy at he same time. Does this make any sense?

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    I don't mind seeing pregnant women or babies, I am 2 weeks post D&C tomorrow. I do worry about how I will feel if I hear about a new pregnancy from others. I teach and pregnancy is pretty common at my school do my test will be this September. I find it's the random things that get me, lyrics in a song or some other thing that seems to have no pregnancy loss connection.
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  • I'm sorry to hear that..I'm sure you will do great come September though. Today I started to cry randomly because it hit me that today was 1wk since I found out my baby no longer had a heart beat and it hit me a little hard. I told my hubby that I missed our baby and he agreed. I'm glad that I can talk openly about the baby with him and not feel like some crazy person. Others don't really get it . I think the lose has brought us closer together if that was even possible.
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  • I totally get what th are saying.

    I don't have any issues with being around babies, except at the obgyn office, bc they are typically with pregnant ladies. I think I'm ok with babies bc my nephew was born about a week before I found out I was I've been chilling with him a lot. Pregnant women make me super sad, I don't cry, but I avoid looking at them and they make me terribly sad. Sometimes it feels like everyone is pregnant except me and the ladies on this sucks.

    I hate that I am bitter about my friend being pregnant...she didn't want kids, she had never wanted kids. Then she changed her mind and got pregnant on the first or second month after changing her mind. We had been trying for 9 months when she told me. I hate how I feel, I don't want to go to get shower, I don't want to be around her. I hate that she wears tight maternity clothes with her tiny figure and perfect baby bump. I'm happy for her, I just don't want to be around her.
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  • Yes this makes sense. 

     I keep trying to tell myself to be rational and it's not a race...that hopefully it will happen for me some day. But at the same time, when I see friends that announce their pregnancy or complain about their pregnancy on Facebook I get a little raw about it. It's normal to have those twinges of sadness or jealousy. It sounds like you are pretty rational about it and can keep it in check.

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  • @marybeth080710‌ don't you hate how you were raised sometimes? Being polite all the time can really suck!!! My DH luckily helps guard me. I always use him as an excuse when I feel like I have to do something to be polite when in reality just the thought of doing it drives me crazy. DH is actually really good about it too. I think he enjoys coming to my sanity rescues.
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