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I had my NT Scan today. Baby looks good. Neck fluid measurement looks good. During the ultra sound the tech found 4 small fibroids. we did not see my regular Dr for this scan, and the Dr I did see didn't seem too concerned. The tech said they would look at them again at my 20 week scan, that pregnancy can sometimes bring them on, and they may get uncomfortable as the pregnancy goes on if they get bigger.

Does anyone else have experience with fibroids and pregnancy? Do they require you to have a c section? Did the cause any complications? Thanks!


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Re: fibroids

  • IhopeIhope member
    I have 3 right now. Doc said they just need to be monitored to make sure they don't get too big
  • I have a few right now. They are causing me pain and a lot of pressure on and off. My doctor said this may happen if they start to degenerate. She said that they should not affect the baby & only will cause me pain. The only thing I can take is tylenol which doesn't help much. I hope yours stay small and don't grow. GL!

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  • Thanks ladies!


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  • taralatarala member
    @mahalo3‌ I have the same exact issue you do- 4 fibroids that they found at my NT scan. They were scattered around my uterus but not interfering with the baby. The doctor told me it just needs to be monitored for now. They didn't actually say what happens if it gets worse, and I didn't even want to ask.

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  • I have a fibroid they have been monitoring since the begining of the pregnancy.  About 4cmx3cm.  Ideally, it shouldn't cause any issues for a normal pregancy.  Again, it depends on size and location.  I started to have alot of pain about 15 weeks, so bad I was on a work trip and my doctor told me to cancell and get home right away.  For me, it turns out the placenta is growing right next to the fibroid.  There is a fight for blood flow and placenta wins.  That's a good thing, but it also is causing degeneration of the fibroid which is extremly painful from time to time. 

    Doctor recommend rest when needed, tylenol, and also offered a perscription for a stronger narcotic if needed.  We will continue to monitor the situation and like another poster, we will be doing growth ultrasounds regularly later on in the pregnancy.  The concern is that right now everything is fine, but as baby grows the fibroid could begin to limit blood flow and we would want to avoid that issue.  Unfortuantely, I am a FTM so I can't comment about delivery but doctor believes at least with me that location of the fiberoid won't cause any issues with delivery

    Good Luck!  It sucks and I feel your pain!   

  • Thanks you guys! I hate that we have to deal with these, but it sounds like monitoring is all one can do until it becomes and issue. And hopefully none of us have any major issues!


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  • jxzjxz member
    I have a 4 x 5 cm fibroid at the bottom of my uterus. I'm having a RCS but if I was having a vaginal birth, we'd monitor it with an extra ultrasound (it was discovered at 20 weeks.) I will most likely have the fibroid removed during the c-section. I've had some pain, but nothing terrible.
  • I thought we were in the clear for awhile, but I'm starting to get alot of pain from the fibroid again today.  Started last night while we were at the movies.  DH and I had to leave the movies part way through because I was so uncomfortable.  I was fine through the night but am very uncomfortable sitting at my desk again today.

    I'm just worried now because we have a family friend's wedding this weekend back in my hometown.  It's about a 2.5 hour drive each way and DH is working the weekend so I'm traveling alone.  I'm thinking if this continues I may skip the wedding.  I would like to be there, but travel at this point just gets really uncomfortable :( 

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