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Big fall

So E just fell and hit the table, and has a huge goose egg on his head. It swelled up like this and bruised in less than 5 minutes. Should I be worried? image

Re: Big fall

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    Definitely keep a close eye for signs of concussion. Poor baby! :(
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    Poor thing! Swelling out is a good sign. If you do end up at children's because you are worried, go to the ER. We waited in urgent care only to be sent to the ER. They didn't do anything but observe her and charge an arm and a leg. Hope he heals quickly!
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    No advice, but Fin gave himself his first fat lip tonight.  I sympathize!
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    Ehh... babies crash a lot. I would just look out for unusual behavior. The head has a huge blood supply so bruising and swelling are expected with a bump!
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    My neonatologist friend asked me these questions when I asked her about a bad fall: did he lose consciousness (no) did he vomit (no), is he acting "off" (no) was it higher than three feet (no).  She said he should be fine, just ice and TLC and advil, and bring him in if he started acting weird or his eyes looked off.
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    It's most likely fine....just scary! Rhys fell and hit the back of his head on our hardwood floor when he was just starting to stand holding onto things. It was awful!!! I called the nurse's line and they said just to keep an eye on it and especially his eyes... Make sure they were focusing normally and everything. It was in the evening so they said to wake him up every few hours and check his eyes, which I did... But he was totally fine!


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