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Let's talk clothes: what to buy for baby for fall?

Hi, FTM here! DD is long for her age but average for weight. She is growing OUT of her 6 months clothes, not surprisingly. We were stocked up on clothes up to 6 months, but now I need to consider shopping for the fall and winter. Any suggestions on what to buy for the fall and winter? We live in the mid-Atlantic states and fall can be super-warm or chilly, depending on the month, the week, or even the day! Initially, I thought about buying short-sleeve onesies and pairing with pants, socks, and a cardigan or sweater as needed. Good idea? 

What are you buying or planning on buying for your bebe for fall and winter? 

Advice needed. Andplusalso, this is my first post. I was a lurker for a LONG time. I outted myself on the "out a lurker" thread. :) Thanks for letting me jump in!

Re: Let's talk clothes: what to buy for baby for fall?

  • I hate buying for babies this age - I never know how fast they will grow out of their sizes (and I really hate how much variety this is in clothing sizes among the different brands but that is a different rant). 

    I usually just buy a little bit in each size so that I have something no matter the weather. I also live in a Mid-Atlantic state so it could be warm until November or snow for Halloween - I never know.  I plan to get mostly long sleeve onsies in 9-12 months with a few short sleeve.  Also plan to get a few long sleeve in 6-9 month but mostly short sleeve in this size.  Also get a few cardigans/hoodies in 6-9 and 9-12 month.  I will do pants or skirts/dresses with tights. 

    I justify myself buying in all the sizes by the fact that I am buying at consignment and not paying full price for anything. 

  • Right? Ugh. Thanks for the advice ladies! I'm looking for sales online...and need to find a local consignment shop, good call, @bensmommy518!
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    I need to go through DDs stuff to see what she needs. We were so lucky and gifted with a ton of new and hand me down clothes. Only problem is that some will be the wrong size for the season. It is so hard to know how they will grow. DD has long legs so she usually needs a bigger pants size, but she is tiny and has been slow on the weight gain. I will probably end up buying her a couple of nice outfits, and then some onesies and pants.

  • I live in Tennessee, so I've been getting short sleeve onesies up until 9-12 months and then I'm getting mostly long sleeve. I have a couple of zip up hoodies for him and am planning on getting a warm jacket.

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  • Thanks for all the advice, ladies. I realized that I have several hoodies, so I think I'll use those for awhile. Her pants can function as "capri pants" for awhile if needed. :) I may just play the "wait and see" game as advised by some of you. As has been stated here, It's hard to know how fast she'll grow.

    @tiffy1693, I haven't discover the joy of Zulilly yet, but I should be careful it sounds like! Ha! 
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  • It's super hot here and we don't get very much of a fall. We will buy short sleeve and long sleeve stuff, some pants, a few lightweight jackets and 1 or 2 warmer jackets.
  • Same as PPs- layers, long sleeve onesies, hoodies, a few sweaters, fleece, etc. I live in WI so the weather can be really warm well into October or it can start snowing by Halloween, so you never know! I've found that buying long sleeve white onesies works really well for wearing under short sleeve onesies. That way, if it were to get warm you can just take the long sleeve onesie off and you can still use your short sleeve onesies.
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  • If your LO is long in the torso, you can buy onsie extenders.  My friend gave me some.  However, my daughter is long in the legs, not in the torso.  A few of her 3 month onsies still fit, but she is in 6-9 month pants. 
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    babywinks said:

    PSA for those with skinny or long legged babes - last year I found some adjustable waist jeans at old navy for babies (other brands don't start the adjustable waist until 2T - what is up with that!?).

    That's good to know! I found a couple at Carter's and Tommy Hilfigger. And a pair that she has from Joe Fresh say that they are adjustable but the waistband is just elastic so look out for that!

  • Fellow Mid-Atlantic-er. DD is finally growing out of her 6 month clothes. I stocked UP on summery 9 month ones because at the rate she ditched NB and 0-3, I thought she would be in 9 month by July 1. Oops. Anyway, I'm planning to do what I did for the spring. Just keep lots of things on hand that match one another. Lightweight stuff in long and short sleeves. Only one or two cardigans/hoodies because they are bulky and annoying, IMO. I also love one pieces that are long sleeve. Not like sleep-n-play. The footless ones, I mean. Gap has suuuper cute ones. Headed to the beach in a couple weeks and can't wait to get my outlet shop on!

    Also, I'm so that mom who wants a mommy and me set of infinity scarves for fall. So fetch.

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  • @bethughknee - Mommy and me infinity scarves?! So freaking cute. And love that you said "fetch."

    @annnikasoon - I WISH I could get away with my DD in pajamas all the time. I'm sure I would get comments. And I just ain't got time for that. :) 

    Thanks everyone - I'm still torn about whether to shop now or later, but the penny-pincher in me is saying wait and see. Wait and see on size. And wait and see on weather. Summer here has been gorgeously moderate lately, which is NEVER the case for D.C.!
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