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07/28 - 08/02 Track Club Thread


Re: 07/28 - 08/02 Track Club Thread

  • cko521 said:

    @Matthew930‌ I think we're fitness twins. Our babies were born the same day, we have the same starting weight and are shooting for the same final goal!

    Excellent! I swear, without this thread, I think I would have given up already.

    Non - scale victory today. I fit into my smaller post partum girdle. It's a small victory, but I'm taking it.

    My August goals:

    Get down to 199 (as of this morning I am 211.7)

    Fit into SOMETHING I own. Anything. I'm not even 2w pp at this point, so I still need to give myself a little time.

    MOVE. Get 8,000 steps in, 3 times a week.

    Thanks ladies! Keep pushing!



  • Well, I'm not too jazzed about how few steps I've gotten in this week. As of this morning, I've only logged about 30,000 steps this week. :-w I'm going to have to do more on purpose. I need to get the babies out to the park, get on my mom's treadmill more often & etc. It's crazy, without the FitBit logging my steps I would have honestly thought I walked much more than I actually do.

    I am excited about the progress I made with eating & just trying in general to do more for my health. I didn't eat great yesterday. I stayed in my calorie range but the foods I ate could have been better quality.

    So how about you guys? How did you do this week & how do you feel about your accomplishments?



  • @Skeemer and @bpaws I agree on over and underestimating! Before I started my fitness pal I had no idea how huge my portions were compared to what they should be. It's a huge eye opener.

    This week I had mixed results. DD had great days where I got all my steps and then some in and fussy days where I wasn't close to all my steps. Eating has been so-so. We have too many treats in the house currently, definitely testing my willpower! I'm hoping to get at least a mile of hiking in every day this week. Hopefully the weather cooperates too. The humidity has been tough this week.
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  • I've had two bagels with cream cheese today. One for breakfast and one for lunch. That about sums it up.



  • I've had two bagels with cream cheese today. One for breakfast and one for lunch. That about sums it up.

    Some days you do the best you can do. I had 2 pieces of pizza all day once last week.

    Also, I'm unsure where I got 39,000 steps from with my post earlier in the week. My Fitbit dashboard is saying I've done 34,520 as of now.

    Some girl I now hate has done 94,000 this week.



  • It's a new week & a new thread. Below is the linky dinky for the 08/03 - 08/09 Track Club thread. See ya there!




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