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16 week ultrasound - does she look normal?

We are so thrilled to see we are having a girl but the ultrasound to me looks like her spine is veryyyy curled. Obviously this is our first baby and everything makes us nervous as we just went through a miscarriage right before getting pregnant with the precious blessing. I'm just curious if anyone else's 16 week looked similar?

Re: 16 week ultrasound - does she look normal?

  • If the doctor didn't seem concerned about it, try to relax. Babies in-utero are very flexible. My last u/s pic I got (it was a small, crappy one), looked like the spine was in the front, but I know that's not possible, and if the dr was concerned she would have mentioned it or tried to get a better picture.
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  • It looks totally normal. Did you ask the doctor or tech?
  • As the PP said. If tech didn't mention anything then it's prob fine. Babies are very bendy and a lot of the bone is actually cartilage at the mo. Baby is prob just in a weird angle in there at the time of the scan. But if you are worried speak to someone to put mind at ease
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  • I saw a spine shot of mine and it looked weird too. However, I had it done at an elective ultrasound place to find the "gender" so my Dr. hasn't reviewed it. 
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  • I agree with others, if you doctor or tech didn't seem concerned then I would assume you are good to go!

  • I would add that a lot of times techs aren't "allowed" to say if something looks wrong. For instance, when my AFI was critically low, when we asked if everything looked okay, the tech said "the AFI is ___." When asked if that was good or bad, she repeated that the doctor would be the one to go over the findings.

    In this case, as long as your physician has reviewed it and said it all is fine, I would believe him/her.

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  • That's what we just did
  • I saw one of my babies flex back and forth, maybe they just caught a mid movement shot... :-)
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  • My baby's spine looked like it was in two pieces! Lol The tech wasn't phased and my doctor said my ultrasound was great.
    I'm sure your baby's spine is fine but don't be afraid to ask :)
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