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C-section and the NICU

Hi all, I wasn't sure where to post this, sorry if this isn't the right place. I'm due in November with a very sick baby that will spend a month or so in the NICU. I wil be a scheduled C-section because I had one with my DS. My question is, do any of you have any experience with how you having a section works as far as recovery when your baby is cartered off to the NICU as soon as they're born? I am really sad that I'll probably only get a glimpse of him and it will probably be hours before I'll actually be able to get to the NICU to see him for the first time, for real. I already told my husband that I want him to go with him and leave me; my Mom will join them in the NICU if she's allowed. Then as soon as I'm in recovery I want my Mom to come into recovery to tell me everything that's happening with the baby. It really, really stinks knowing its going to be so long before I can see my baby, touch him, talk to him...etc. But, I know that's what's best for him. Just curious if the hospitals usually make special exceptions or anything? Would love if they could wheel my bed right into the NICU lol but I know that's not going to happen. Wonder how long before they'll allow me to get in a wheelchair and go??? Thanks for any input, and sharing any experience you may have. Yes, I realize every hospital and every situation is different. But I do appreciate anything you can give me!


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Re: C-section and the NICU

  • I've had 2 experience with NICU and a c-section.

    My first experience is nothing, really. DD was taken to NICU after my emergency c-section, but brought to my room only an hour or so after I was settled. She was only in NICU to be monitored, since I had cord prolapse. DH was able to be taken in to see her not too long after she was born, then left to wait for me in recovery.

    My second experience was tame as well, but did involve me not seeing DS until he was almost a full day old. I did get to see him briefly in the OR due to a quick-thinking nurse who realized I had not even seen him yet and brought him over for a minute before they took him to NICU due to a collapsed lung. DH chose to stay with me, though in hindsight I wish I had been aware enough to send him after DS so I could get updates.

    As it was, I was not settled into my room until 6 hours after DS was born due to how busy the L&D was that day. I got a phone call from the NICU nurse about an hour later giving me the contact info for NICU and a brief update about DS's oxygen, tell me it was a suspected pneumothorax, and assure me he was doing well. The doctor did not come to see me until the next morning to give me the official sit down diagnosis and prognosis.

    After about 20 hours, I was able to get out of bed and almost immediately went up to NICU. It was difficult to get a wheelchair, so I chose to walk whenever I wanted to go. Obviously, post c-section, this was not easy, but as long as I stayed on schedule with my pain meds it was bearable. I had a few times when they wore off and the walk back down to my room to get them was excruciating. Luckily, DS was discharged from NICU after only 2 1/2 days, so he was able to room in with me for my final night and we were discharged from the hospital together.
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  • I Think you really have to take it as it comes. It won't be that long. And they need to take care of you. With the triplets, I didn't see them at all as I had severe hemorrhaging and lOst 35% of my blood.
    we went into the NICU and Peeked about 9 hours after they were born. Husband went up when they were about 4 hours old and came back 20 minutes later with a picture of each.
    everything has Its time.


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  • I had an emergency c-section. husband went with our little boy to the NICU while they were still operating on me.  It was a mess.  I didn't get to see lo until next afternoon (section was at 7pm night before).  it was hard but knowing my husband was with him made it somewhat better.  I was drugged up and exhausted after a long labor anyway. everyone is different so it's hard to say when you will get to see your lo, I would speak with your doctor about when they think you'll get to see your baby.

  • Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me. Yes, I realize every situation is different and it all depends on so many factors. I had an easy recovery with DS, can't remember how long but I do know it was hours before I could go. I think I was so exhausted from laboring for 12 hours then it being 1 am I slept my entire recovery time. I think as long as DH can go and give me updates all the time I should be ok, mentally and emotionally :) . Thanks again everyone!

                                10/16/04 ~ lost our first baby boy at 20 weeks due to IC

                                                  3/05 ~ another loss at 12 weeks

             2/14/06 ~ Our sweet valentine miracle was born after a nightmarish 8 months!

                        Surprise Baby Boy, born sleeping at 31 weeks on 9/21/14

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    Most importAnt thing to keep reminding yourself all the time is that nothing of it is your fault, this is your lot in life so accept it and make the best of it. In the end it's most important that you know your baby will have excellent care and things will be ok. I don't have experience with NICU but my close friend had to deliver almost 2 months early due to complications to her health (she's an older mom) and said she wasn't able to see her son for 36 hours after birth because she was sick and on meds. I believe her hubby was with the baby in NICU as much as possible and then she joined them when she was allowed to be in a wheel chair. I would think that if you are in no imminent danger yourself and your baby is not undergoing any procedures you would be able to see them really soon. I can imagine how heart wrenching it must be not to be able to see and touch your newborn right after delivery but it will be fine, you have your whole life to love on them after that!
  • My cousin just had her second C-section and had twin girls that went straight to NICU. She stayed in the hospital for a 3 days ( was able to see the babies in the nicu that day) then went home for a week without her girls but went back daily to visit. 

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  • Ask questions we knew we may have nicu time as they suspected IUGR and I was having preterm contractions from 26 weeks.

    They brought my son to an adjacent room for examination my husband went and took video and was a crazy man with the pics so happy for that. They updated me quickly and brought him out for kisses before he and my husband went to special care. I was sewn up alone even my nurse and nurse anesthesiologist got called away or were below the drape so it was a bit hard I had hardly digested that I was having a baby suddenly that day so a bit unorepared.

    The other thing was I had to do 2 hours of recovery and only husband was allowed to visit so obviously spent that alone besides a quick update. I was brought down for a small bit of skin to skin and them was brought to my postpartum room for recovery.

    I had 2 spinals and couldn't walk the next morning which was really like 4-5 hours later and went to see him in a wheelchair

    For me, it was hard to be alone so often. I really hadn't prepared to give birth yet and hadn't known I'd be alone, so I'd definitely ask about recovery policies and skin to skin.
  • I had an unplanned CS, and then DS1 was taken to the NICU a few hours after birth. He was there for a few nights, and they wheeled me to him the night he was born (prob 12-15 hrs after his birth). It was tough, but it helps that you know it's going to happen and that your DH can be the point person. Good luck!
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  • I had a 30 weeker.  I had to have an emergency C-section.  I got to see him for a second before they whisked him away.  My dh went with him.  When I was in recovery, my dh came back and talked to me about what was going on with my ds and pictures!  I went back to my room (I had already been in the hospital for 12 days at that point).  It was about 12 hours before I got to go see him.  They just wanted me to be able to get into a wheelchair before I went up.  I promptly vomited upon seeing him.  The meds that were wearing off did not agree with me.  Since he was so early, I didn't get to hold him for 6 days.  While I was in the hospital though, once I had gone up one time I was good to go to the NICU anytime after that. ( As long as I could get up there myself no wheelchair needed.)  I was absolutely up and walking the very next day.  I knew if I want to see my baby, I have to get up out of this bed no matter how crappy I felt.  The Dr who did my cs even let me stay an extra day.  I didn't get released from the hospital for 4 days and still stayed one more night.  Make sure you ask if they do courtesy rooms.  A lot of times they will let you stay in your room one more night depending upon how far away you live from the hospital! 

    1.  Make sure you find out baby's schedule, so you can be there to change a diaper, check a temperature, do a feeding.  It is the little things that will make you feel so good! 

    2.  Kangaroo care!

    3.  Pump pump pump those boobs (If you plan to!  Don't get discouraged!  It could take 3 days for your milk to start coming in)!

    4.  Blog about your experience!  It is so wonderful to share the experience with a mother who really needs the info (feel free to msg me, and I will send you my blog link)

    You got this Mama!  I know it is scary.  I know it sucks leaving your baby at the hospital.  It is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but just remember that your baby will be exactly where he/she needs to be to get healthy. 

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  • My situation was a little unique. i had an emergency c section with my first son because he was in distress and after he was born was rushed to the NICU right away with only a glimpse and a cry as they took him away. He needed oxygen for the first 24 hours and was having a hard time maintaining his glucose levels. Unfortunately, I didn't get any time to hold him or really even look at him. He ended up having to be moved to a completely different hospital that had better care, so I didn't get to see him until about 48 hours after he was born. The nurses gave me a couple photos, and MH and family obviously took photos and such, but it was a very weird experience, knowing my son was out there, in the world, and not having held him or seen him or anything. My doctor and the hospital staff did their best to get me up and moving and discharged as quickly as possible and the moment I walked into the NICU and said hi to him, he woke up and started looking around, looking for me. That connection was there the first moment I held him, even though I hadn't been there for the first 48 hours of his life. All that to say, if you are in the same hospital, i believe they will get you down to the NICU as soon as possible, and your baby will know you and be so glad you are there.

    Having a NICU baby can be hard, but I agree with pp - find out baby's schedule and be there for as much as you can. We would try and be there for all of his feeding, his baths, everything. The nurses even set me up with a reclining chair next to his little bassinet so I could rest but still hold him and be there. And get a good pump! I used a double electric, and it was hard to figure it out and stick with it, but DS1's tummy did so much better with the breast milk! Definitely worth it! GL!
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  • My water broke at 31w5d and DS had to be delivered at 32w5d. After the delivery DH went to the NICU with the baby while I went to recovery.  After DS was settled in the NICU and DH had spoken with nurses/drs there, he met me in recovery.  After the meds wore off and I had feeling back and could get into a wheelchair, I went to the NICU myself to see DS.  Honestly, there's nothing you can really do in the NICU except sit there and look at the baby.  MAYBE hold the baby for a few minutes.  After a week or so I was able to do kangaroo care.  I pumped around the clock; every 3 hours.  The hospital pumps were great- when we visited the NICU I tried to get 2 pumps in there. 

    The hardest thing for me was being discharged and having to leave my baby at the hospital.  I second the poster that advised to know the baby's schedule.  Try to be there for a feeding, diaper changes, etc., so you can participate in the baby's care.   

  • My situation was very different, my baby wasn't very sick, just had some slight respiratory issues at birth so was in the NICU for a few hours.  However, once I was done in recovery they did actually wheel my bed into the NICU before taking me back to my room.  I was able to hold her for about 10 minutes and then had to wait several hours, but those 10 minutes were great! GL to you!! 
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