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Hi ladies - lots of TMI coming your way! So with my pregnancy with DS, I got an SCH relatively early followed by spotting of unknown causes followed by a large inconveniently located polyp which caused more bleeding. I was on pelvic rest for a really long time and by the time we got the all clear for BD it was just uncomfortable with the polyp. So this time I was looking forward to being more normal. 
After our good u/s on Friday I decided I was willing to take the leap Saturday morning and then spotted (nothing major, but enough to be annoying) all day. It didn't really worry me too too much since we were pretty gentle and I know there's a billion blood vessels in there and everything. But if you experienced spotting after BD, how did you proceed? Did you just mentally deal with it? Did doc tell you not to? Did it continue to happen or did it stop? I don't know if I can handle the spotting every time -I think it will stress me out if I know I'm causing it! Thanks for sharing your stories. :)
Married 6/08, TTC 7/09
MC w/ D&C 3/11 ~ 9.5 weeks
CP/MC 1/12 ~ 5 weeks
2 IUI's w/ BFN
IVF 6/12 ~ 8R, 0F ~ Rescue ISCI gave us 3dt of 2 (6 cell, 9+ cell)
DS born ~ 3/3/13
IVF 6/14 ~ Operation Sibling ~ 10R, 5F ~ 5dt of 1 Blast
Beta 1: 1600+, Beta 2: 4588
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Re: Spotting after BDing

  • Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't have a story to tell because I haven't been as brave as you yet to try BD. (I'm irrationally afraid orgasm will knock the embryo loose!) But I'm getting close, since my libido is in high gear! I got the okay to go ahead only after we saw the hb last week, but was warned that if I spotted I should immediately stop. Maybe call your nurse tomorrow & see what they recommend in your case?

    My BLOG: -Update - old blog.

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    Me: 42, Hubby: 35, TTC since Jan 2010. Dx: DOR due to advanced maternal age. Also: Hypothyroidism (100mcg Levothyroxin). Positive for MTHFR (hetero-C677T), Factor V Leiden, and Fragile X (on DH side). Taking pre-natal vitamins
    First natural PG 9/27/11; mc: 1/20/12
    First RE visit: 8/8/12, Saline Sonogram: 8/28/12, IVF injection class: 10/11/12, add FaBB Tab for FVL, +Vitamin D.
    IVF #1
    : 10/17/12 Baseline: FSH- 9.4, E2- 24, LH- 3.7, Prog- 0.3 The u/s showed 6 follicles in my right  & 9 in my left. Rx: 150 Bravelle & 150 Menopur SQ nightly. 10/21/12: Add Ganirelix SQ every morning.
    ER 10/28/12: 13 Retreived. 7 Mature. 6 Fertilized. 5 Made it to PGS. ET 11/2/12: CANCELED. All 5 came back from PGS as having "severe abnormalities."
    IVF #2: 1/7/13 Baseline: FSH- 8.8, 4 follicles in my right & 6 in my left. Rx: 150 Bravelle & 150 Menopur SQ nightly. 1/11/13: Add Ganirelix SQ every morning. hCG Trigger 1/16/13
    ER 1/18/13: 9 Retrieved. 5 Mature. 5 Fertilized. 2 Made it to PGS. ET 1/23/13: CANCELED. All embryos (he even sent the ones not growing) came back from PGS as having "multiple severe abnormalities."
    IVF #3:
    NEW RE! 3/1/13 Baseline: FSH- 9.6, E2- 61, Prog- 0.94, 3 follicles in my right & 4 in my left. Rx: 150 Bravelle& 150 Menopur SQ in PM. 3/7/13: Add Ganirelix SQ in AM. hCG Trigger 3/9/13 SQ.
    ER 3/11/13: 6R, 2M, 2F. Day 3: one 8 cell, grade 0.  Five day ET 3/16/13: one early blast, grade Fair. 3/24/13 AF came a day before beta. BFN

    IVF #4: (Added acupuncture to this cycle.) 3/25/13 WTF & Baseline: FSH-11.8, E2- 56, Prog- 0.84 3/26/13 Start stims. 3/30/13 u/s: 5 follicles in my right & 4 in my left. Rx: 225 Bravelle& 225 Menopur SQ in PM. 3/31/13 Add Ganirelix SQ in AM.hCG Trigger 4/3/13 SQ.
    ER 4/5/13: 5R, 3M, 3F naturally. Day 3: two 8 cell, grade 0, one 8 cell, grade 2 (Scale 0-best to 3-worst). Five day ET 4/10/13: two blastocysts (the 3rd stopped growing.) Beta 4/18/13: 2.5 BFFN. RE recommends we stop trying and focus on living childless, due to the extremely poor quality of my eggs.
    Decided to stop trying and live CFNBC. I couldn't adjust. So, six months later...
    IVF #5: Changed RE. Going to one of the big name clinics now. OWDU: 10/29/13. Update: HORRIBLE experience. Disgusted and distraught at their complete unprofessionalism and how much money and precious time they cost us. Sickening. Have now changed RE again. New Patient appt. 1/30/14.
    BFP! Out of nowhere, I got KU the old fashioned way! POAS 1/26/14 - Positive! FDLM 12/30/13. Beta #1 16dpo= 373. Beta #2 18dpo= 801. EDD 10/6/14
    2/4/14 1st U/S revealed a 5wk2day sac but no fetal pole. Started 200mgs of progesterone suppositories daily
    2/11/14 2nd U/S revealed a perfect 6wk1day "diamond ring" embryo with a beating heart! 138bpm! Add 1mg folic acid and 40mg Lovenox
    2/25/14 3rd U/S: perfect 8w1d embryo, 178bpm. 3/6 start spotting. 3/11 10w1d U/S shows no heartbeat. Scheduling D&C. The Stork has forsaken me again.
    IVF #5.2: New in-state RE. Supplement priming for 1.5 cycles prior to start of cycle, including DHEA 50mg (stopped 5/15), CoQ10 200mg 2x/day, L-Arginine- 1000mg 2x/day (stopped 6/5 due to cold sore!), myo-inositol- 2g 2x/day, melatonin- 3mg, and Neevo (prenatal for MTHFR).
    5/16/14 Day 2 bw cycle prior: FSH- 12.22, E2- 38.37, Prog- 1.35, LH- 9.46. 6/2/14 Day 19 bw: Prog- 23
    6/12/14 Baseline: E2- 122.7, Prog- 0.4. 5 follicles in left, 4 follicles in right. Start stims: 375IU Follistim & 150IU Menopur. 6/19 Increase Follistim to 425IU, Menopur still 150IU. 6/18 add Ganirelix. 6/23 Ovidrel trigger SQ. 6/25 ER: 8R, 8M, 5F naturally. Start Medrol & Doxy. 6/26 Start Endometrin. 7/2 Start Lovenox.
    7/8/14 Beta= 137.4 BFP!!! (My first from IVF!) E2- 1109, Prog- >60. Stop CoQ10, myo-inositol, and melatonin. 7/9 2nd Beta= 281.4. TSH- 2.70. Increasing Synthroid to 100mcg daily. 7/24 6w3d u/s measured 6w3d, hb: 121bmp! 8/5 8w1d u/s measured 8w3d, hb: 164bpm! Graduated from RE to OB. Now I just need to find an OB!
    EDD 3/18/15!

  • marniefmarnief member
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    I had spotting twice early on, both within 24 hours of BDing. When I called my RE's after-hours line in a panic, the first thing they asked was if we'd had intercourse in the past 24 hours. So as you say, it's totally normal. In my case, it only happened those two times in first tri, and not again since. I'm now on modified bed rest for low amniotic fluid, and my doc explicitly said (without our asking) that we could still BD, and I've had no spotting. So, unless your doc tells you otherwise, I wouldn't worry. :)
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
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    We were told it's ok to BD the whole time, but because of spotting issues the 1st trimester, we just avoided it.  Luckily for us, the spotting issues are gone 2nd trimester and we are getting back into the BD routinely.  You just need to do what you are comfortable with.  It was hard for hubby the 1st trimester, but he survived lol. 

    Me: 30, DH: 32
    My hx:  uterus/hormones normal Dx: low AMH 0.5 = poor ovarian reserve
    hubby hx: low sperm count, poor motility, started on clomid, retest in May showed no improvement, will be on clomid another 3 months, another retest scheduled for August

    Started IVF #1:  ~BFP Mentioned~
    • ER (Thursday April 17th, 3 precious eggs).
    • April 18th: Received news 2 out of 3 eggs fertilized!
    •  Planned 3dt: Easter day, transferred two 8B embryos and received pictures :)
    • BFP starting 8dp3dt 5/1 Beta #1: 87, 5/3 Beta #2 206 
    • 5/19 Heartbeat 123bpm
    • EDD 1/8/15

  • ksgsmuksgsmu member
    I have been on pelvic rest since early May.... it's killing me :)
    ***siggy/ticker warning***

    Me:36 DH:38 TTC#1 since 4/2012
    Me DX: Hashimotos,Hypothyroid, DOR, MTHFR,  DH: normal

     IUI #1-#4 BFNs and a few cancelled cycles in the mix.
    - poor responder
    ***Suprise BFP on 6/13/13. Natural MC @6wks 3days
    IVF#1 and 2- Cancelled due to no response on max stimms
    FET 5/20- BFP
    1st Beta- 641
    2nd beta- 2166
    Sono- TWINS!!!!
    Two Boys! Born January 2015 @36 weeks.  Healthy and no NICU!  So blessed!


  • SKLHSKLH member
    My best friend is also pregnant and was gushing blood everytime she'd BD. She went to her OB and they did a cervix check and could see a blood vessel that was bleeding and was obviously iritated from the friction. They were able to "freeze" the spot so it would stop bleeding. She waited about 2 weeks and BDed again and the same thing happened again. She refuses to sleep with her husband for the remainder of the pregnancy now! lol I was just happy for her that they could discover a reason! I had a bleed scare and they never figured out were it came from but I went to the ER and EVERY nurse/doctor that talked to me asked if he had BDed recently. I think it's very common!
    Me (28) DH (32)  Endometriosis                                                                                   IVF  #1 (1/2013) - 17 Retrieved, 16 Mature, 14 Fertilized- 2 transferred- BFN
    FET #1 (7/2013) - 2 embryos - BFN
    FET #2 (9/2013) - 2 emrbyos - BFN
    New RE. Fresh Start
    IVF  #2 (2/2014) - 25 Retrieved, 19 Mature, 16 Fertilized, 9 blasts.
                                 CGH Testing: 6 Normal
    FET #3 (4/2014) -1 embryo -  BFP! Beta#1: 35 Beta #2: 16 :(
    FET #4 (5/2014) -1 embryo -  BFP! Beta#1: 321!!! Beta #2: 727.9!
    6/5/2014 Heartbeat! 144bpm It's a girl!
    Due January!


  • xc1148xc1148 member
    The first time it happened (~10 weeks) they put me on pelvic rest. The second time (12 weeks) they told me I could come into the doctor's office if I wanted to, but I was okay. Both times it was light pink/brown. I wasn't prepared for it the first time and FREAKED out. Do whatever will make you happy, whether it's romance or doctor visits. or both :)
    TTC since June 2011
    DH: perfect SA
    Me: 30, moderate endo, unexplained infertility
    IUI or IVF in December

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  • Thanks all. I know it's common and at least this time there's a specific reason that I know caused the stupid spotting! I am glad to hear that some people have it periodically and not every time. Gives DH hope of getting some between now and next summer. ;)
    Married 6/08, TTC 7/09
    MC w/ D&C 3/11 ~ 9.5 weeks
    CP/MC 1/12 ~ 5 weeks
    2 IUI's w/ BFN
    IVF 6/12 ~ 8R, 0F ~ Rescue ISCI gave us 3dt of 2 (6 cell, 9+ cell)
    DS born ~ 3/3/13
    IVF 6/14 ~ Operation Sibling ~ 10R, 5F ~ 5dt of 1 Blast
    Beta 1: 1600+, Beta 2: 4588
    Everyone Welcome!
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  • My rules are not 2 days in a row and if I'm spotting (only happened once this pregnancy d/t a cervical check) then I need 24 hours with no spotting before giving the green light.
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