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Asking advice from other Type 1 mommas

Sorry in advance for the grammar and spelling, I'm mobile:)

This will be my first baby, currently 12 weeks 4 days along. I have a great medical team supporting me & good sugar control, but my doctors are scaring the crap out of me with the "what ifs" We had a successful NT scan last week and so far so good. I'm just wondering how your pregnancies are progressing or past ones have went. What can I expect in the next few months? Any tips to help me make sure my baby arrives safe & sound? Id love to hear from other mommies who might be battling the same problems as I am.

Re: Asking advice from other Type 1 mommas

  • Try not to stress.  I've been going by the motto of "adjust and overcome".  Highs and lows are going to happen.

    Everything is going well so far with my pregnancy.  I did have a slightly elevated AFP level which can be a marker for neural tube defects but after an ultrasound we found nothing to raise concerns. 

    Type 1 Mommas have healthy babies all the time, just do your best to keep your numbers in control!




  • Thanks! I will look up that group now :)
  • If your team is stressing you out too much with the what ifs tell them so. I broke down crying at my last clinic appointment because I was so stressed over the fact that I haven't been exactly on target with my sugars (I'm a perfectionist and my a1c going in to this pregnancy was crap considering it was a whoops). It led to a very productive conversation that made me feel a lot better.

    In my experience they are probably tryin to arm you with as much knowledge as possible but if it is overload they will probably be willing to back of a bit. Especially if you are like me and very prone to sugar spikes from high stress.

    If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to PM me :)


  • I agree with all PP, won't repeat what they said.  I just want to add that I was a nervous wreck to be pregnant, and ended up with a completely normal pregnancy and L&D.  My care was wonderful, from my endo, to MFM ultrasounds, to my OB group.  I have a healthy, happy 8 week old baby boy at home, and am so thankful everything went well!




  • I'm 35w+4d with my second child both were surprises so my a1c was 9-10 which is terrible and stressed me out big time but if you hunker down and keep sugars in check and do your best things can turn out great I've had very uneventful pregnancies thank goodness there will be highs just adjust and keep going don't let it discourage you a healthy baby is main goal and possible!
    Sry for grammar etc on mobile :/
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    Almost 21 weeks here, and a pretty new Type 1 (diagnosed later than most, about 1 year ago) and things are going perfectly! Has the A/S last week and the baby's growth and development were right on target.

    It can go just fine, just stay on it, and take it one day at a time. Don't let yourself get stressed...I know it's scary, at first, but you'll see that you've got this. BTW at first I would get upset at myself over the occasional higher than usual post-meal number, until I noticed that my Endocrinologist and Dietician weren't nervous...they have both told me that they are looking for a pattern and overall numbers, not at each individual forgive yourself when you occasionally slip up a little. You're not perfect, and should have a perfectly healthy pregnancy!!!
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