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possible newbie question...

Any experience with this ladies? Does it sOund like it could be an intolerance or should i possibly atttibute to an over active letdown which i can tell i have bc dd has to pull off when my milk lets down and she coughs/gags but she always has so not sure why the oald would show these signs now after 3 months. I know theres probably no way to tell unless i start watchn my diet

So Tuesday she had a lil mucousy blood n her stool. The next morning mucousy avocado green with some blood specks. Which was the last i saw of any blood. Went to doc he said it culd be bc she had a lil fissure on her booty.

Now this weekend she has been pooping a lot but about once a fay will start screaming bloody murder and then is fine after pooping. the poops been the normal seedy greenish yellow its been for awhile

I guess we will call the doc again on Monday. But any experience? Food intolerance or just baby pooping issues


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Re: possible newbie question...

  • I'm not sure, but the fact that there was blood in her stool tells me it's not just an overactive letdown that is the issue. Blood usually means allergy or intolerance. 

    I also don't really see how a BF baby (I'm assuming she's only BF, I could obviously be wrong) can have an anal fissure. Aren't those usually caused by straining, caused by constipation? I've never seen a BF be constipated. Has your LO had hard stools?
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  • She is ebf. She doesnt have hard stools she pushes really hard though always has even when she pees she sharts bc she pushes so hard. Wouldnt the blood be constant tho and not a one time occurrence

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  • My LO had green stools (no visible blood) often when he was a newborn and I also thought it might be due to milk oversupply.  It ended up being milk protein allergy, although it took me until 5.5 months to actually figure it out (that was the first and only time he had visible blood).  He had the green, muscosy stools on and off since birth...but they were not consistent.  He more often had regular yellow stools.  He also had very mild eczema that completely cleared up once I cut out dairy.  If I were you, I would cut out dairy for a few weeks and see what happens.
  • Thanks. Ya dd has reflux as well. Could the stool and tummy problems come from a stuffy nose She has right now and maybe I'm jumping to conclusions too fast? She had one out break of eczema which cleared up as soon as i got rid of the Johnson n Johnson.

    I figured after her nose cleared up and she was still having issues then i would work on cutting dairy for a few weeks to see how she does.

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