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Can we talk about poop?

Kahlan has been constipated lately. As in hard poops but she is pooping. She's kind of struggling and only gets a little out each time. In the last 12 hours she's had a jar of pears. I have two more on hand. Should I just keep giving those? Or any other advice? Thanks!

Re: Can we talk about poop?

  • Have you considered trying prune juice or prunes?
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  • She hates prunes. Won't even open her mouth for them :(
  • Water. In sippy or bottle

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  • Does water help for the little hard poops? Everything I've found is for when they aren't pooping at all. :(
  • Being hydrated leaves plenty of water for the colon to draw in to soften the stool. So yes I second the water idea.
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    ameegeelifesaverz[Deleted User]
  • When DS1 was a little older, his doc recommended a little apple juice to help with constipation.  Kiddos will usually drink apple juice better than prune juice and the results are similar.  
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  • She finally pooped a much softer poo. Without a blow out. :) I think she's just going to get apples or pears And water daily. If it comes back, we'll try juice. Thanks everyone
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