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Intro and question...

I have yet to post on this board, so  I just wanted to introduce myself.  I will soon be an STM to a great little boy (who turns 4 on 7/30), and a precious baby girl due in September.  I have a great husband who works from home running our business, and I  work in a call center this time around.  So I'm a working mom now too.    I love to be crafty, and share things and learning with my child.  :-)

My question is this....

We have decided, due to some behavioral issues, that our son is not quite ready to go to school yet, even though he qualifies to for Pre-K this year.  I do want to start working with him a little more though to get him ready for Kindergarten next year.  I want to buy him one of those learning kits that includes all or most of the curriculum that he needs to know for Kindergarten.  Have any of you moms used one, or are using one?  What is the best kit and/or workbook in your opinion?  Thanks so much.

Re: Intro and question...

  • Hi there!  Ditto cmeon-the-water  and auntie about the benefits of preschool.

    My son started preschool at age 3.  He was one of the youngest in the class because he has a late birthday.  He wasn't 100% ready, but his issues were with maturity and social skills.  He didn't really "get" what was going on with preschool until about February of the first year. 

    After the first few days of school, I considered taking him out and waiting another year.  But it dawned on me that he wasn't going to become more independent by spending another year at home with me.  What he needed was exposure to other kids and a chance to gain confidence by spending a little time away from Mommy.  So, he stuck it out through 3s, 4s, and we eventually decided to do an extra year of preschool when he was 5 because he wasn't ready for kindergarten at that time.  However, he REALLY wouldn't have been ready for kindergarten if I'd just kept him home and done some workbooks with him.

    I agree with the others.  Enroll him in a preschool now, and if he isn't ready for K by the end of this school year, do an extra year of preschool and enroll in K at age 6.
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